Book One Chapter 6: 天吾:我々はかなり遠くまで行くのだろうか? Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

This is the discussion thread for chapter 6 of 1Q84. Some of us are still catching up, but we’re sticking to the thread schedule, at least :smile:.

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Warnings (read please!)

This story contains themes of an adult and/or sensitive nature, including cults, sex, murder, and sexual abuse of children, both mentioned, and graphic (though not until Book 2, in the latter case).

Title translation: Will we be able to get to that far off goal?

Our character's journey so far. 天吾

Our Tengo met with Fukaeri, as set up by Komatsu, the editor and a rude midnight caller… We learn a bit more about the story she’s written… (the リトル・ピープル are real?) Due to her excentric way of speaking, it’s hard for Tengo, and by extension the reader, to get a good read on her. She agrees to the plan, but one more hoop to jump through for Tengo, who seems to have decided to go ahead with the plan, himself.

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I finished the chapter a couple of days ago. I have to say I was surprised that some of the plot of ふかえり’s story was revealed so soon.

After witnessing ふかえり’s speech style I became even more curious about her writing, but at the same time I realized I probably wouldn’t understand much even if I read a raw fragment of her story, at least not without 天吾’s ‘translation’. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect to get more than a few hints about the story; it seemed more likely that at some point the characters will inadvertently slip into that world… But I guess it’s still not to late for that.

Other than that, I’m still not sure how the two protagonists of this book are related or even if they live in the same timeline. As far as I remember, I think it should be Friday for both of them at this point and they both live in Tokyo, but I can’t think of any other connections.


I agree that I wasn’t expecting either! But thinking about it, what with the book being such a central part of the plot it might be weird to have no insight at all while reading about the revision.

Thinking more about it, I feel like we haven’t really learned a lot about the books’ plot, just the premise… maybe we’ll learn more corresponding with 天吾’s revision work?

The big question! Tokyo is pretty big (haha), so them not having any relation wouldn’t be weird - I’m expecting some connection to exist or to form during the books at least.
… I haven’t paid much attention to the days mentioned. I reckon I should.

I’m almost caught up! One week to go on the current week, so 1 week to catch up ~ though I like the 1 chapter a week pace so I’ll probably stay behind a bit longer. :smiley:


I have a question on a sentence, when Tengo and Fukaeri are talking towards the end of the chapter, we read this:


Which I understand to mean: Like a planet exploring rocket that just passed by Pluto (without interacting with it).

I wonder what わき means, exactly. It’s probably this meaning from Weblio: 3 (「傍」「側」とも書く)すぐそば。かたわら。「門の―に車をとめる」

But I mostly just wanted to post here.


I can’t even keep track of events in my own life, much less on what happens in a fictional character’s life :joy:


Please continue to do so, no special excuse needed! :joy:

i did that わき the same way you did, btw.

Oh man, let’s hope time keeping isn’t important to understanding the plot!


You should change your vote here, too!


My personal policy is no vote changing past the expiration date!
… That is, after the next thread goes live. ^^


Hmm. I didn’t pay much attention myself until this chapter, which happens on Friday (although I was already looking forward to Sunday since ふかえりhad proposed a mysterious encounter for that day). And chapter 7 starts on a Saturday, so I automatically supposed the previous events happened on Friday. But it is entirely possible and I think it is implied in that chapter that a few days passed. Looking back now, I can’t even find any other weekday references in 青豆’s chapters so far. It might still be the same season or year in both stories, but maybe we’ll get more clues on that from now on.


Finished this chapter yesterday.

Some thoughts

I must say I’m quite baffled when I see how patiently Tengo puts up with Komatsu’s behavior of disrespecting any kind of etiquette whatsoever. But it seems that they function quite well together, so maybe he does not really pay that much of a prize for it.
And then of course Fukaeri comes along and acts even more along the lines of disrespecting etiquette! It is so moving to see him fix up her language for her - in the restaurant, in the book, and also in the phone calls.
We get a first glimpse of the contents of the book - through a quite horrifying story about locking a 10-year-old girl into a warehouse together with a goat’s corpse - no wonder she acts in such a crazy and erratic way.
On the other hand, lots of talk about how Tengo works his way through fixing the text. This sounds sooo tedious! I really feel for him. But he seems to be getting somewhere, albeit slowly. So that’s good news.

What surprised me the most this week were two things: Firstly, that Komatsu does not even seem to think about shelling out thousands of dollars for a computer for Tengo - that did not match the impression I had of him. (But of course it makes sense business-wise, so no criticism here.)
The second one was that Tengo could go into town and buy a computer and take it back home immediately! We are talking 1984 here - I thought he must be facing a four-week delivery period or something. :woman_shrugging:

Language-wise there was one expression I thought was quite funny:
。。。と天吾は自分に言い聞かせた。He said and made himself hear :upside_down_face:

This week the Advanced Club is taking a break, so I’m hoping that I can up the pace a bit on this book :slight_smile: