Book One Chapter 19: 青豆:秘密を分かち合う女たち Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

Chapter 19, a week late, my apologies. I was pretty much beat all last week. Still am, but hey, no alarm in the morning!

First things first:

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Warnings (read please!)

This story contains themes of an adult and/or sensitive nature, including cults, sex, murder, and sexual abuse of children, both mentioned, and graphic (though not until Book 2, in the latter case).

Our character's journey so far.

I’m a bit behind, so nothing to see here, folks!


Let’s end with a rough translation of the title:

Chapter 19: Aomame: The women who share a secret.

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I had some trouble with this sentence on page 221: あゆみならきっと「ばあっといっちょう派手にやらかしたい」とでも表現するところだろう。I’m sure this says that Ayumi would just go all out and go out, but I’m not getting all the parts. What I settled on: ばあっと as ぱあっと, ‘with energy (of parties and such), enthusiastically, going all out’. いっちょう as 一丁, ‘one game, one task’. The rest is clear enough, but if anyone has heard or seen this before or knows something… :slight_smile:

That aside, story. I am very confused by the little people. This is totally not what I expected them to look like and act. Or come from, haha… And the moons continue to bathe everything in an eerie light… (Anyone else getting persona3 dark hour vibes? :smile: )

I have really no idea where this is going, at all.

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