A way to move an item to lessons

I took an accidental month-long break, and since the SRS was completely messed up I had to go back 6 levels (I’m a one level a week kinda person, which maximises the penalty for any unplanned-for breaks).

Unexpectedly (or rather, unsurprisingly), a lot of the vocab (and a couple of kanji) from a couple of levels ago completely erased themselves from my memory. Is there a script that marks an item as “unlearned”? I imagine that’s not possible with kanji due to how levels work, but it should probably work for vocab.

The only way I can think of is to reset. This will “unlearn” all items above the level you reset to. You can’t pinpoint individual items.

AFAIK the API doesn’t provide a way to reset individual items. This is not something that can be done with a script.

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Would be completely pointless to reset (went from 22 to 16, and it’s already annoying since I remember most of it), looks like I’ll just have to use the leech system to relearn those.

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you could just constantly get them wrong until they fall back into apprentice? A bit rough (and may not work with stuff higher than guru) but its all I can think of


Oh it definitely works… I do it plenty of times accidentally. You can get them wrong multiple times in the same session and it will move them down each time, so you could intentionally whiff them a few times when you come across them if you wanted to get them to lowest apprentice again.

The only alternative I can think of isn’t helpful… You could simply burn them and then the unburn button would put them back at apprentice! :sweat_smile:

(neither would get them back into “lessons” though, unfortunately)


The burn thing wouldnt work since these are mostly items that are in Master.

If only WaniKani implemented my proposal from over three years ago… Then you’d be able to do this…

@viet Is any kind of general purpose “demote” behavior under consideration? Only being able to demote from Burned to Apprentice 1 is really limited.


You can’t send items back as lessons, but you can pinpoint groups to learn at a time with the Reorder script. Pinpoint one set of reviews, say, Level 10 Kanji only, and spend the time relearning. You can come back to this group repeatedly without being overloaded with all the other reviews in the queue. Then as you become comfortable with them, isolate level 10 vocab or level 11 kanji, and work on them until comfortable, while also keeping up the level 10 kanji. Add in what you are comfortable with until your backlog is gone and you’re ready for new lessons, whether than takes a few days or several weeks.

you only need to get them wrong 2~5 times, depending if you just want it to be in apprentice or in apprentice 1 in specific. You can actually get them wrong multiple times in the same session and you’ll get it on lower levels too, iirc. So just spam gibberish for a bit and they’ll drop like flies (assuming it works like i think it does)

This sounds really interesting. :eyes: Though, clearly no how WK behaves right now. I’d have love this option, but have mostly done what @rodan suggested when I feel the need to start over with an item.

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I am going to @Mods to track this feature request.

There hasn’t been discussion on implementing this kind of feature.

Best course will be to message @Mods and they’ll record it in an ongoing list and give updates upon request.


A bit delayed, but we’ve added it to our list :+1:

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