Is there a script that manually burns kanji?

Hey everyone,

I’ve perused the popular scripts and it’s possible I’ve not seen this - if so I apologise. Basically due to a busy job I had to put Wanikani to the side for a couple of years and now I want to pick it up again. Unfortunately I only remember about half of the kanji/vocab (I live in Japan so come across a bunch of them often, but others not so much). With this in mind, I want to reduce my level back to around 10 from where it is currently, 37.

My question is: for those kanji I know inside and out from level 10 onwards, is there a script that lets me instantly burn them? I really don’t wanna to waste my time reviewing them as I still have a fairly busy schedule. Any help with this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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If you want to do this, you probably have to use the “Burn Manager” script. But you can’t reset your level, because that will erase all records of your progress until that level.

I expect it may be a bit tedious, but perhaps you’d be best unburning each of the items you don’t recall, without resetting, and work your way through? Instead of doing a set number of new lessons each day, unburn that number of items until you feel you’re ready to continue from lvl 37.

Welcome back!

P.S. As you’ve been away, you may not have seen the new stats site: you can set the WK items page to only show your burned items, allowing you to quickly select which you want to unburn.


For these types of situations I use my custom-made review order -script that can order by level, type and most importantly srs. So I usually order my levels by highest srs (burnable), lowest level (ones I’ve studied the longest). They are usually pretty easy and you can burn a sizable stack away without straining yourself too much.

The script I have might be outdated though because of recent-ish updates to wanikani. There is another script though, but I haven’t personally tried that.

Not possible due to what the API can do. The best you could do is write a script that auto-answers the item for you. Which, there’s nothing like that written, as far as I know

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