大海原と大海原 ・Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Volume 3 Off-Shoot Club Chapter 5 Thread

Welcome to the Wadanohara Off-Shoot Book Club for Volume 3 Chapter 5 Thread!

This book club is for people who want to continue reading Wadanohara, which we started with the absolute beginners book club.
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Volume 3 Summary

Long-awaited by fans all over the world! The creator himself made a comic of the undersea pure love RPG !!

The Sea Empire, the birthplace of the sea witch “Wadanohara”, has been invaded by the Totsusa Empire. But when the Princess of the Sea Empire is attacked by the Princess of the Usagi Empire, she is forced to fight back - but after much thought, the two are reconciled.
Far away, Samekichi, a former familiar of Wadanohara, is thinking: “I’m sure I’ll be able to protect you.”
What is the true meaning of Samekichi’s thought?
Now, all the truth will be revealed.


Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Feb 5th Chapter 1 2 to 32 31
Feb 12th Chapter 2 36 to 56 21
Feb 19th Chapter 3 60 to 86 27
Feb 26th Chapter 4 90 to 118 29
Mar 5th Chapter 5 122 to 148 27
Mar 12th Chapter 6 152 to 174 23
Mar 19th Chapter 7 178 to 196 19
Mar 26th Chapter 8 200 to 226 27
Apr 2nd Chapter 9 230 to 250 21
Apr 9th Chapter 10 254 to 280 27
Apr 16th Last Chapter 284 to 320 37

There are two bonus pages at the end of each chapter, which I did not include in the page count.

Please note: There are no page numbers, so I simply assigned them starting from the first page.

Where to read the book

This volume is ONLY available online at pixiv.net. Here are the links to all chapters:


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Also, read the omake for this chapter, it’s probably the best one.


I really enjoy your memes! :rofl: I’m looking forward to them each week! :grin:


I have a question please

I am not completely sure I follow this part...

There’s this panel where (オルド?) seems to be remembering something from the past:

All these “princess-like” shadows are a bit hard for me to tell apart, but I am guessing that’s Wadatsumi-sama, the mother of the two 海 princesses?


Is that a super-fancy way to write この?
If I understand right, here より is being used in the sense of “from” rather than in a comparison sense?
“This sword is a thing that was born from a part of my body” ?

If I understand this flashback correctly, オルド worked for the 大魔道師 but betrays him because 大魔道師 ends up giving the sword to Tatsumiya instead of him?


Father, technically, but yes.

Yes, that’s how you write it with kanji. It’s not used very often.

It’s a more formal way of saying から
(From Weblio)



Finished this week’s chapter! And I have quite a few questions. This chapter was a bit hard for me to be honest… But I did get through!

Story questions:

Page 127

I believe this to mean: [remain as you are], in the state you are, not stained by anything.. Probably my translation is a bit clumsy, but I think that’s what it basically means. So my questions: What could Wadanohara be stained by? This implies that the great wizard is stained by something, right? Do we learn later what he is referring to? Or is the wizard simply referring to Wadanohara’s character and it not being stained by hatred/prejudice/etc.?

Page 141

I also have a question about this page. First: Whose hand do we see in the last picture? Second: To whom does the sword belong? The sword is a part of who? That shadow? Or the wizard? I’d say probably that shadow? Which would also mean that the hand we see is from the shadow figure?
And a short language/grammar question: 思えばあの時にはもう. Does this mean: If I think about it, already at that time… . But what was happening at that time? What is he referring to?

Page 144

What is happening here? Is young Tatsumiya slaying the mean version of Same-kichi (forgot his name…) Was he killed? I took the “beeing revived part” from earlier not that literal, because I thought all the bad guys were just banned/sealed. But here it seems that the mean version of Same-kichi was actually killed?!

Language/grammer questions:

Page 135

I’m struggeling with the two left panels… I believe that まあ精々やってみるがいいさやれるものならね is one sentence. The internet told me that ものなら means if X than Y. But from what I could gather, this type of grammer is usually used in the middle of the sentence, so I’m not sure how it fits here… Currently I would translate the left panel as: If I do/were to! but than what?
I’m also lost on the general sentence structure. まあ精々やってみる is marked with が, so it should be the subject → Trying my utmost, but what is the verb? is it if I did/were to? So: If I were to try my utmost/best. And then いいさ. Is さ used here to make a noun from いい? Does this sentence mean: If I try my best, it should be good! ? But how does that relate to the story? Does he mean that if he uses all his power he should be able to defeat Wadanohara and her party?

Page 138

I feel that I understand all the words, but can’t put them into a sentence that makes sense.
あなたに: by you
何が: what (+ subject marker)
わかる: to understand, to comprehend
と言う: to say

I say, what you understand, you traitor! So probably: You heard me right you traitor! But I don’t think that this fits here… I was also wondering if both bubbles are said by Tatsumiya? Also: Deepl suggests What do you know about it as translation. But this also doesn’t seem to fit…

Page 139

Again, I think I understand all the words and the grammar also doesn’t seem to be that complicated, but I still can’t form a meaningful sentence…
In the previous panel he says: Say what you want. Because in any case I will shred you to pieces here.
And then in this panel: かつてお前が: before you (+ subject marker), 俺にそうした: done so by me, ように: in order to or to hope/wish for something
So: In order to do thus! But how does かつてお前が fit into this sentence? Is this panel just a repetition of the previous content-wise?

Sorry for the huge load of questions! I’m greatful for any getting answered! :pray:


I’ll help out with the grammar since I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next chapters yet to help with the story.

Page 135

I believe the source of your confusion is that the subject of the sentence is not very clear. To find out who they are talking about we need to figure out what そう in そうくるとは of the left-most panel refers to, since it’s marked as the topic.

In the previous page, Wadanohara says:


So she’s declaring that she’s going to fight him (well, them, the people from the 死の海). Then Shake-san laughs and says “そうくるとは”. So, the topic is Wadanohara’s declaration of war. Keeping that in mind, the next sentence makes more sense.


Here, やってみる would be “to attempt to do”.
やってみるがいい would be “it’s good to attempt to do”
精々やってみるがいい would be “it’s good to attempt to do to the utmost”.

So, to do what? Since the topic is Wadanohara’s intention of fighting, this would be “It’s fine for you to try your best to fight us”.

やれる => potential form of やる => to be able to do
もの => thing
なら => conditional.

So this literally says “if it’s a thing possible for you to do”.

In short, he’s taunting Wadanohara, telling her to try her best, but implying that it’s not possible for her. “So you are going to fight us? Well, try your best… if you can!” or something like that would be a somewhat natural English translation.

Page 138

My understanding is that Tatsumiya is saying literally “What are you saying that you understand?”, which in more natural English would be something like “Don’t talk as if you understood” but expressed as a question - it’s implying that Tatsumiya disagrees with Orudo’s understanding of things. Deepl can kind of figure it out without the explication tone の that is at the end:

Page 139


So かつて would refer to something that happened once in the past.


Here the particles say that お前 (Tatsumiya) is the subject of the action した. 俺に (Orudo) is that target of the action. そう is a reference to the action in the previous sentence in their dialogue, so そうした refers to the shredding to pieces.

Combining this with the previous dialogue, it says “You will get shredded to pieces, just like you did to me before”. So Orudo is basically talking about the time Tatsumiya cut him down with the sword in this other panel:


This other panel happens several pages later, so it’s not completely clear to us readers when Orudo first utters the sentence, what exactly he means.

page 127

I don’t think there was some kind of deeper implication for the story with the use of 染まる or that it means Meikai was stained by something. It’s possible he was referring to what Mikotsu tried to do, but overall I think it’s mainly a poetic elaboration on his main message to Wadanohara, which is ‘be yourself, don’t let anything change you.’

page 141

The silhouette/hand belongs to the Sea King, the father of Mikotsu and Uomi. The sword was made from a part of him. He gave the sword to Meikai, and Meikai gave the sword to Tatsumiya. This is the same sword that Syake-san stole.

This is one of those unfinished sentences where you’re supposed to imply what’s being left unsaid from the context. Based on the previous page, this is Old’s thoughts related to Tatsumiya asking him why he decided to betray Meikai. あの時 in this case is referring to the time period in his flashback. Therefore, the ending of the sentence is probably something among the lines of “it was already too late to change things” or something like that.

page 144

The page doesn’t imply that he was killed, just that they were fighting and Tatsumiya attacked him with the sword.


I’d say Orudo is the edgier version of Samekichi, c’mon, isn’t one eye scar enough? 3 eye scars is so over the top that I just cannot take it seriously hahaha

Does it count as a spoiler if it doesn’t impact the plot?

Old is actually Samekichi’s dad, but nobody in-universe is aware of this (that includes the two of them).


I mean, I can see the resemblance, although it seems a lot of the sea of death lackeys are samekichi recolored haha

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