大海原と大海原 ・Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Volume 2 Off-Shoot Club Chp 8 Thread

Welcome to the Wadanohara Off-Shoot Book Club for Volume 2!!


This book club is for people who want to continue reading Wadanohara, which we started with the absolute beginners book club.
The homethread for the first book is located here-> Book 1 Homethread

Volume 2 Summary

Long-awaited by fans all over the world! The creator himself made a comic of the undersea pure love RPG !!

The witch “Wadanohara” has returned to her hometown of the sea with her familiars. However, the former familiar “Samekichi” stands in front of her. A cute but sad and a little dark story that is spun on the sea is complete.


Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Nov 20th Chp 8 7 to 24 18
Nov 27th Chp 9 27 to 44 18
Dec 4th Chp 10 47 to 64 18
Dec 11th Chp 11 65 to 80 14
Dec 18th Chp 12 81 to 98 18
Dec 25th Chp 13 101 to 118 18
Jan 8th Chp 14 119 to 138 20
Jan 15th Chp 15 139 to 156 18
Jan 22nd Chp 16 157 to 180 24

Due to holidays I scheduled 2 weeks for chapter 13!
There is a bit of bonus manga at the end again.

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Bookwalker (currently you can get 300 coin back until 10-27-2021 JP time)
Amazon JP

Manga Republic (copies will be very limited and shipping can take a bit)


Volume 2 Home Thread


I just just finished volume 1 (a bit late I know :sweat_smile:) but I’m excited to get into volume 2! They really left off on a cliff-hanger, huh
I hope I can keep to the schedule!


You finished just in time for volume 2! :smiley:


Just finished the chapter! It was mostly easy, but I got a bit lost towards the end :thinking:

Consequently, I have quite a few questions:

Page 23 - Part 1

I’m not really sure what 黒巻 is saying in the second bubble:
かけられた is passive and past tense, but I’m unsure who put a curse on who? Since there is no subject marked with が in the sentence, I am assuming that 大海原 put a curse on 鮫吉?
I’m not sure what と does here. I thought about it as a quotation particle or it could be used to indicate the conditional? :man_shrugging:

I’m also not sure how to interpret 関係. The vocab sheet lists it as involvement/connection, so the second part would mean because of (you) having a connection, right? or because of (you) having an involvement, right?. But a connection to who? An involvement with what? In jisho I also saw the meaing sexual relationship for 関係, which would make more sense to me. But then again, if that were the case, why would 大海原 put a curse on 鮫吉? Why would she punish him? But maybe, I’ve got the first part wrong and 鮫吉 put a curse on 大海原, making her lose her memory? Maybe to protect her from something? Maybe because the relationship is not allowed and this is 鮫吉 way of ending it?

Page 23 - Part 2

Page 23 - Part 2

I tried my best, but honestly, I’m lost…
What I have so far:

First panel:
いや それだけだよ: Well, that’s that.
This seems to be 黒巻’s answer to 鮫吉 asking her How do you know?. But I don’t understand how this answer fits 鮫吉’s question…
Is there a better translation?

Second panel:
前に話した魔女の国って。。。覚えてる?: Earlier, I’ve talked about the country of the witches… Do you remember?
Not sure, what 黒巻 is refering to… As far as I remember she did not talk with 鮫吉 about the country of the witches?
そのに大海原を連れていったんだけど。。。: It’s because I took Wadanohara there…

Third panel:
呪いについて少し調べてもらってね: I got to investigate the curse a bit.
I’m not sure about my translation, as I believe もらって means to get someone to do something. This would indicate that it wasn’t 黒巻 doing the investigating, but someone else (黒巻 got someone else to investigate). But who? Maybe I just know too little grammar to grasp the sentence?

Page 24

Page 24

What is the meaning of いてあげないんだい? I just don’t know how あげる fits in here… Looking through all the definition, I believe it could mean to summon in this context. So probably the sentence means: Why are you coming near Wadanohara without being summoned? I’m also not sure how and why the sentence ending だい is used here…

And lastly:

I believe 関係ない means unrelated/irrelevant. I’m just not sure how that answers 黒巻’'s question?
My full translation is: That irrelevant to you, don’t you agree?
But from context, I think the meaning should probably be: That’s non of your business!
Is my second translation possible? Does anyone have a better translation?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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For the last part for pg 24


I also read it as “that’s none of your business” or “that doesn’t concern you” I did have to look up a lot for that last couple pages :sweat_smile:

For pg 23 pt 1


I also got a bit lost during this part, but I mainly ended up getting the feeling that 黒巻 thinks there is a connection between the curse that 大海原 is under and 鮫吉 being considered a traitor. I don’t think it has anything to do with the sexual relationship meaning and it is being used just to say that the two events have a connection and that 鮫吉 is somehow connected to 大海原 memory loss. However, I did find these two pages pretty challenging, so I’m not certain.

Page 23 part 1

It’s referring to the curse put on Wadanohara, the one that’s causing her memory loss. 「大海原にかけられた」is a relative cause modifying「呪い」. So it’s “the curse that was cast on Wadanohara”.

Also, this is what she said right before that:
The と in the sentence is connecting 「呪い」and 「事情」, as in there’s some connection between Wadanohara’s curse and the circumstances behind which Samekichi became a traitor.

Page 23 part 2

The question she’s answering is [どこまで知っている」. He’s not asking how she knows, he’s asking how much she knows. So her answer is “that’s all I know.”

I’m not entirely sure what specific instance this is referring to either. Best guess right now is that it might be referring to something before the start of the story.

だけど doesn’t mean “because” here. In informal speech だけど can be used in several different ways, include to introduce a new topic. For example,「彼のことだけど、聞いた?」means “Did you hear about him?”

It was probably the other witches who were looking into Wadanohara’s curse.

page 24

This is a combination of いる (to be) and -てあげる (to do something for someone else). だい is a very informal, masculine speech ending particle like か that’s only used for non yes/no questions. The equivalent for yes/no questions is かい. I guarantee you will eventually come across some fictional character saying [おい、大丈夫かい」at some point.
The meaning is therefore “Why aren’t you by Wadanohara’s side?”
And yes, the idea for the last one is basically “that’s none of your business”.


This was super helpful thank you!

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Thanks! That was very insightful!

I now however have a follow-up question:

I interpreted this panel as However it looks like there are some kind of conditions/circumstances. (With context, I interpreted it as There seems to be a reason you’re a traitor.
But in an answer to another question of mine you pointed out that だけど can be used to introduced a new subject. Is this the case here as well? Meaning that the she is actually just saying: It looks like there are some kind of conditions.

I think so, yes, especially since the next thing she says is a question directly related to the condition she just brought up. That kind of structure is fairly common.
The same thing happens in polite speech as well, except you’ll also see it as ですが instead of ですけど.

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My take on this was that Kuromaki is asking Samekichi if he remembers the “witch country” that they had talked about some other time, because from their interactions I think it’s safe to assume that they know each other from before. And then she says that she took Wadanohara there and she “got to” investigate the curse (remember how she said the great witch could bring back Wadanohara’s memories)

IIRC (cause i’ve been reading ahead oops) this is the first time the curse is mentioned, so it really is unclear how much of what Kuromaki knows, Wadanohara knows also. But the fact that she’s approaching Samekichi by herself and very casually shows that she’s doing her own digging and that she’s not as suspicious of him as the others are


The chp 9 thread is now up there is a link in the schedule!


I am quite behind, but I just finished chapter 8! Had to wait for November/NaNoWriMo to end before I had time to start the book :sweat_smile:. But this chapter was surprisingly easy! Proud of myself for figuring out some of the trickier grammar in the last couple pages. Thanks as always to everyone for posting questions and explanations!

I’m going to try to catch up as soon as I can, but I will probably be lagging a little behind schedule for the foreseeable future :sweat_smile: