ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 5


なんて pretty much acts like an emphasizer. "Stuff like breathing fire, I didn’t even know aobut that.
And the second sentence connects to the first “And why did you hide the fact that dad is a dragon as well?” or something like that.

Yeah, that seems about right.


I think the し is explaining why she took the day off, because she had to hurry with Ruri’s situation. And the sentence after that is a sort of more explanation. She needed to hurry, because Ruri’s situation was strange and the guy lives deep in the mountains.

In this case it just adds emphasis.


That would be a tail going inside the speech bubble. It’s the mother talking here, and she’s saying that “I’ll teach you about dragons from now on”


I understood it as basically saying “What do you mean what does it mean?”, but I’m not sure about that either.


today I learned a new English word on a Japanese language forum


I was meaning to make a thread about all the niche english words they learned thanks to language learning. The copula is definitely one of these.


Phew! I fell behind for a couple of weeks but now I’m caught up! This is so much fun.

My favorite moments so far:


“はよ車出せ” and all of her sass towards her mom in general
“ツノ関係ないじゃん!” when she gets the picture with her classmates :heart_eyes_cat:
the amazing sketch at the end of the chapter


Just finished this week’s section! I also realized, at this point we’re (approximately) a third of the way through the book, can you believe that?!

Side note, I told one of my friends today that I was in a Japanese book club and I explained to him what the book was about. He said to me, “It’s a manga about a girl who’s part dragon in high school? That sounds AI generated.” I, slightly defensive, said, “What do you mean?” He said, "Like, I could ask AI to come up with a manga title, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gave me ‘My High School Life as a Half Dragon Girl!!’ " Hmm… I suppose he’s not wrong :joy: (Don’t worry though, other than that conversation, he said the story sounded cute and was supportive of my book club endeavors)


I’ve finally finished translating this week. Out of all of the weeks, I definitely had the most trouble with the material for this week. Going forward this will probably be the last week I translate in it’s entirety, as I feel like I’d get more out of re-reading the previous material and asking specific questions on new material I don’t understand. For my translations, I generally tried to stick to literal translations and only take liberties if I was unsure how else to word it. I’ve also kept my translations true to my original interpretations despite reading through other people’s posts. So, if there’s any repeated questions I’ve included feel free to overlook them. All in all, this continues to be very rewarding!

Page 50

教室大丈夫だった? ー “Was the classroom alright.”

前の奴の後頭部ちょっと焼いた ー “The back of the head of the guy in front me was a little singed.”

マジか ー “No way?”

も。。。毛根まで焼いてないならヨシ ー “If his hair wasn’t burned to the root, they’ll be reeds.” My best guess as to what ヨシ translates to after some googling is reed. As in his hair is stringy like the plant?

ヨシじゃない ー “They’re not reeds.”

ねえ、何で何も教えてくれないの ー “Say, why didn’t I receive any teaching/warning from you?”

Page 51

火吐くなんて知らなかったしさー “I didn’t know you’d be able to breathe fire…”

父親が”龍”ってことも何で今まで隠してたの。。。?ー “Also, why did I keep things like saying “your father is a dragon” from you until now?” Is たの just adding emphasis to her statement?

。。。そうだね、ごめんー “I see, I’m sorry.”

隠してたつもりはないんだけどー “However, my intention was not to keep things from you.”

わざわざ言う必要ないと思ってたのー “I was thinking that it was something not necessary to go through the trouble of telling you.”

何それー “What’s that?”

だって。。。こうなるの私も知らなかったんだもんー “Because… I also didn’t know you’d become like this.”

えぇー “Ehh?”

今まで人の姿で育ったからこれからもそうだと思うじゃん。。。?ー"Until now, you’ve grown up person shaped, so I didn’t think something like this would happen from this point forward?"

なのに今朝見たら角生えてるじゃん!?ー “And yet, when I looked this morning, horns had grown had they not?!” I’m taking the じゃん to be a shortened じゃない

Page 52

正直ビビったわー “Honestly, I was worried.”

そうだったのか。。。ー “Was that so…?” In this bubble, there seems to be what vaguely look like い kana on the left side. Are these adding some sort of emotion or feeling to the statement?

人と龍の子が全く人の姿のまま生まれてくるのもー “A half dragon half human child comes to be born entirely human shaped.”

おかしな話だけどねー “It’s a funny story huh.”

つくづく奇妙な生物だわ。。。ー “An utterly strange creature…” This seems like a rude sentence to say right next to Ruri lol.

。。。でもビックリしたよねー “But, you surprised me you know.”

ごめんねー “I’m sorry”

ドラゴンが父親なんてなかなか言いづらくてー “Dragons, such like your father, are difficult to speak about.”

Page 53

もう、私は別に誰が父親でも気にしないよー “Seriously, I may be another type of thing of whoever my father was, but I don’t care” Pretty unsure on this sentence.

そうじゃなくてー “I’m not like him.”

ガテッー Not sure if I got the katakana right here at all, and unsure if this is indicating the Mom’s surprise?

ずっと一緒にいる母親がずっと何か隠してるのはー “All throughout you’ve been with me mom, but all throughout you’ve hidden this (this being she’s a dragon child).”

なんか。。。さみしいー “That seems… lonely.”

うん、そうだねありがとー “Yup, that’s right. Thank you.”

大人になったね、あははー “You became an adult, ha ha ha.”

はよ車出せー “Get out of the car.” Not very sure in this.

Page 54

今日ねお父さんに会ってきたんだー “Today, I was meeting with your father.”

え?ー “Eh?”

え!?会ったの?!ドラゴンに?!ー “Eh!? You met up?! With the the dragon (father)?!”

うんー Yes

Page 55

え。。。仕事は?ー “Eh… your work?” As in I thought you were working today.

休んだよルリのことで大慌てだったしアイツ山奥いるからー “I took the day off. Your dragon thing was needed to be dealt with right away, because Aitsu is deep in the mountains.” I’m assuming アイツ is her father’s name?

。。。ああー “Ahhh…”

なるほど靴はそれでかー “I see. That’s why the shoes were there.” Referring to the fact Ruri noticed her Mom didn’t take her normal shoes earlier in the day. I am confused as to what それでか roughly means. It feels like a mix between それでは and そうですか.

お父さんにルリのこと話したらさ。。。喜んでたよー “When I told your father about your situation he was… happy.”

え?ー “Eh?”

俺の子だとか何とか言ってさー “He said, “That’s my kid” among other things” I’m unsure if I’m translating this right, as the とか’s are part of the quotation. So, is it more accurate to translate it as “That’s my kid or something?”

こっちの気も知らないでー “You don’t know this feeling.”

龍でも子の成長は嬉しいもんかねー “I guess I’m happy because my child has also grown up to be a dragon.”

Page 56

お父さんか。。。ー “Dad… (said that?)”

私龍のことなら何でも知ってるし今日は色々調べてきたからー “I know everything about dragons, because I’ve been looking up various things (about them).” Not sure what the し is doing after 知ってる.

これから龍のこと教えるよー “From now on I’ll teach you about dragon things.”

すぽっー The sweet release of pulling out nose tampons

もっと早く教えてくれればこんな騒ぎにならなかった!ー “Teach me faster if you don’t want a disturbance again!”

そ。。。そうだね。以後気をつけますー"Y…Yes. After this we’ll be more careful."

。。。まあ,知ってても避けようがないよな。。。ー “Well, even still I know it won’t be avoided.”

コシンー Horn clinking on the window

ヴヴシ、ピコンー Phone vibrating and dinging

Page 57

The phone screen was a fun challenge with no furigana, and less context to go off of.

音声通話ー “Phone call” or “Duration of phone call” Just guessing based on kanji.

今日ー Today.

もう春いてる?ー “It’s already Spring?”

ちょい遅れるー “I’m a little late”

持ってるー “I’m bringing it”

ルリ大丈夫だった?ー “Was Ruri alright?”

こっちは大丈夫だったよ!ー “I was alright!”

吉岡の頭も無事ですー"My head is a mountain of luck, and I’m also safe."

ユカ、教室大丈夫だったってー “Yuka said the classroom was alright.”

そっかよかったー “I see, that’s good.”

ん何か写真来たー “Some sort of picture came through.”

うぇつー “Wow” Not sure if this is just a sound of exasperation, or if Deeple was right on wow.

宮下ちゃんから今日の!ー “The picture from Miyashita today!”

Page 58

あはは!ー “Ahaha!”

ツノ関係ないじゃんー “The horns are irrelevant.” THERE IT IS

仲良さそうだねー “They’re close friends, huh.”

うっ見んなー “Umph, don’t look.”

。。。で結局龍って何なの?ー “After all, what did she say about dragons?” Really just spit-balling here.

何って言われてもー “What is said about dragons.”

。。。何だろー “is what.” I am utterly confused.

ご飯食べながら話そー “We can eat dinner while talking.”

Page 59

わたしの龍の体質ー “I have the physical constitution of a dragon.”

パチッー Light switching on

今日何食べたい?ー “What do you want to eat today?”

ん。。。カレー ー “Mmm… curray.”

その1。ツノー “The first thing, horns.”

その2。火炎放射ー “The second thing, flamethrower.”

ノド焼けてんのに刺激物かー “Even though that’ll aggravate your burned throat?”

Page 60

連載開始後 表紙ラフー “Start to finish serialization, back cover laugh.” I’m once again lost here. I’m assuming it’s just a note from the author labeling the drafted picture.


Is your friend new to manga/anime? Pretty much half of the titles/plots sound like an AI generated them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Title-wise, some more so than others. Yes, I’m looking at you, “終末なにしてますか?忙しいですか?救ってもらっていいですか?

You were supposed to write an anime title, not a letter, ChatGPT…

Pg. 50

No, よし means “alright; okay” in this case.

Pg. 51

This is “I didn’t know I would be able to do something like breathing fire…”

This is more like, “Why did you also keep something like my father being a dragon from me until now?”

Both of those statements are spoken by Ruri. The の is the explanatory の in a questioning tone, seeking explanation from her mother.

Pg. 52

They aren’t kana, they are supposed to be little :sweat_drops:

Pg. 53

More like, “Jeez, I don’t really care about who my father is.”

I think this is, “It’s not like that.”

And then the rest of the page, she goes on to explain what actually has her bothered (which you intepreted correctly).

It’s グイッ, and indicates the shove that Ruri does.

Think this 出す is the one that’s “start doing”, so this is more like, “Hurry up and start driving the car”

Pg. 55

I don’t believe so. あいつ is a generic (if rude/familiar term) for “that person”. It gets katakanized quite often. こいつ and そいつ also exist.

The panel zooms in on the condition of the mom’s shoes, so I’m pretty sure it’s actually in reference to how dirty and beat up her shoes look right now.

それで = because of that

か = usual questioning particle.

This sentence is super casual and not technically complete. Something like:

“I see… Because of that (the mountain excursion), her shoes… (implied: look like that), huh?”

I think you have this right.

More like, “I guess even a dragon is happy when his child grows up.”

Pg. 56

It’s sort of like an explanatory thing. “The thing is” would be a close approximation.

“The thing is, I know everything there is to know when it comes to dragons.”

Then she explains why, though I would use “investigating/studying/inquiring about” over “looking up” since she had to go all the way to the mountains to talk to Ruri’s dad.

コツン, but otherwise, yes.


Pg. 57


“Have you already arrived?”


“I’m waiting”

“Things are alright here (in the classroom), too! Yoshioka’s (吉岡 is the name of the boy who got the fire) head is also uninjured.” So, his hair got singed, but he’s unhurt.

よかった is definitely a bit stronger than just that’s good in this case. More like “Thank goodness.”

More like a sound of exasperation at the photo. Note the :sweat_drops: in the speech bubble.

Pg. 58

This one was answered well earlier. ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 5 - #20 by TobiasW

It’s a minor difference, but keep in mind that ながら modifies the verb that precedes it, not that follows it.

“Let’s talk while eating dinner.”

Pg. 59

Just to be sure, this mmm is a thinking one and not like yum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pg. 60


Serialization Starting Issue (or, more naturally, First Issue)

表紙 = cover (usually the front of the book, or a magazine cover)

ラフ = rough draft

It’s basically just an author note, yes, marking the image as the rough draft of the cover for when the manga began serialization.

I’m not sure which questions have been answered for sure or not throughout the thread because I’ve not been super active in reading through it this week, so I just corrected things I saw across the board.


Ah, it seems the dialogue has become increasingly harder since last week. It’s not unmanageable but I dread the page count increasing later on if it keeps this up. Still enjoying the series though. I wonder if we will ever actually meet Ruri’s father in the series. Given the series is still on hiatus, I dread to think.

Pages 50-52

Mum: Was the classroom alright?

Ruri: I burned the back of the guys head in front of me a little.

Mum: Seriously?

Mum: Um…if it doesn’t burn to the root of the hair, it’s okay.

Ruri: It’s not okay!

Ruri: Hey, why won’t you tell me anything?

Ruri: I didn’t know I could breathe fire…

Ruri: Why were you hiding my father being a dragon until now…?

Mum: …You’re right, sorry.

Mum: I didn’t intend to hide it.

Mum: I thought it was unnecessary to go out of my way to say it.

Ruri: What the?

Mum: After all…I also didn’t know it would turn out like this.

Mum: Since you were raised in human form, I think you’ll continue to be like this from now on…?

Mum: And yet, when I saw you’d grown horns this morning…!?

Mum: Honestly, I was startled.

Ruri: Is that right?

Mum: The child of a human and a dragon being born in completely human form is a ridiculous story, right?

Mum: It’s an utterly bizarre creature…but you surprised me, don’t you think?

Mum: It’s very difficult to talk about the fact that a dragon is your father.

Pages 53-55

Ruri: I don’t give a damn who my father is anymore! Not like that!

Ruri: We were together the whole time, but you were hiding something all along.

Ruri: You’re lonely…or something.

Mum: Yeah, that’s right. Thanks. You’ve grown up, hm?

Ruri: Quick, take out the car already!

Mum: I met with your father today.

Ruri: Eh!? You met!? With a dragon!?

Ruri: Um…what about work?

Mum: I took the day off because I was in a panic about you, and he’s somewhere deep in the mountains.

Ruri: [I see. That’s why the shoes…]

Mum: When I spoke to your father about you…He was pleased.

Mum: He said ‘My child’ or something like that, without knowing my feelings.

Mum: Even dragons are happy for their child’s growth.

Pages 56-58

Ruri: [Father…]

Mum: If it’s about dragons, I know anything.

Mum: Since I investigated various thing today.

Mum: From now on, I’ll teach you about dragons.

Ruri: If you had taught me earlier, it wouldn’t have caused such a fuss!

Mum: You…You’re right. I’ll be careful from now on.

Ruri: [Well, even if you know, best not to avoid the situation, right…]

Ruri: It’s Yuka. She said the classroom is fine.

Mum: Really? That’s a relief.

Ruri: Huh, she sent a photo of something.

Ruri: Ahaha! The horns are irrelevant, don’t you think?

Mum: You seem close with them.

Ruri: Ah, don’t look.

Ruri: …In the end, what is a dragon?

Mum: Even if you say ‘what’…I wonder what it could be.

Mum: Let’s talk while we eat our meal.

Pages 59-60

Ruri: [My dragon nature…]

Mum: What do you want to eat today?

Ruri: Umm…Curry.

Mum: Despite burning your throat, you want to eat something spicy?

[Part 1: Horns]
[Part 2: Fire Breath]

Rough cover draft for the start of serialization


Ok, I was away last weekend and had a fairly busy week, still have not looked at it.
This is probably the moment I’m falling behind.


Ypu shouldn’t yet worry about that. This is very common for introductory first chapters. The author needs to force a bunch of exposition down your throat, so you know who’s who and what’s up. Usually all the stops are pulled for these. The amount I’ve read from the book sofar tells me that these more complex parts like the back and forth between ruri and her mom are rare. Check out the Happiness book club for a prime example. Chapter 1 is full of difficult text, because you need to establish the world, but then the amount of text drops harshly and stays that way.


The second part rather says something along the lines of “you would think that you would continue to be this way…”


That second part is said by the mom

“It’s lonely/sad” as in Ruri feels lonely/sad that her mother didn’t tell her stuff. And it’s さびしい

More like “just start the car already”. This has been talked about a few times here, so I won’t reiterate.


Everything, rather. なんでも can mean either depending on context.

This says something more along the lines of “Well, even if I knew, it couldn’t have been avoided” I’m pretty sure

Rest seems fine

Pg. 53

Nope, it’s not.

It is an alternate way of saying 寂しい/淋しい.

Same meaning, though.


Ah, sorry then, didn’t check the furigana


I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean with the speech bubbles. Could you give me an example please?

Page 50

So it’s like “why couldn’t you do me the favor of telling me”?

Page 51

Is it this one さ - Casual よ - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro ?

How exactly does the もん work? Is it a sentence ending particle?

Page 52

So as the subject for the next part of the speech bubble? The おかしな part?

I can’t find ビシクリ in any dictionary.

Page 53

What verb is that だせ then exactly?

Page 54

What is that でか exactly?

Page 54

If it was “she can”, the potential form would be used, right?


Can’t remember, which of the speech bubbles prompted me to type that out exactly, but in some of the cases where a speech bubble appears like this:


You combined the individual speech bubbles into one big sentence. Technically that’s not usually wrong, but these are meant to be meaningful alone, so understanding them separately should be even easier than trying to nail down the whole sentence.


Ye, pretty much. Has the same effect as “Why couldn’t you tell me” vs “Why didn’t you tell me?”. Softens it a bit.


Yeah, I think so. Though the source I’ve found indicated it as N1. C’est la vie, I guess.

It’s もの shortened. Generally speaking, it’s just a placeholder thing, that gets modified by the previous parts/sentence, and therefore pretty much turns it into a noun, but when it’s a sentence ender like this, it has the special meaning of giving a (usually negative) reason. In this case the mom is saying, that “after all, I didn’t know that it would turn out this way either”. Obviously giving a reason as to why she did what she did, and as you can probably tell, it’s a negative reason.


Was this part maybe misquoted? The combination of the quote and what you are asking doesn’t match up. Makes a bit more sense for the next. For that, yep, it’s pretty much that. <Even the fact that “a child from a dragon and a human is born in a totally human form” is a strange story, isn’t it>. The のも is pretty much acting as that “Even the fact that” part, turning the rest of the sentence into a single entity within the outer one.

Sure you can:



出す in imperative form


The simple answer is that it’s not.
それで → so, therefore
か → question particle
“So it’s because of that”




Now that you have enjoyed “chapter 1” for *checks notes* 5 weeks, can I interest you in some “chapter 2”?


This section was tough, lots of complicated dialogue to unpick there. Struggled quite a lot here with the grammar points again but could pick out key words and get a feel for what was being said even if I missed the detail. Once I catch up to the main thread I can start posting my attempted translations and hopefully people can correct my grammar and I’ll start learning a bit more


Feel free to post your questions now if you have them, we are watching :eyes:


I’ve already gone through this section but I suppose when I do section 6 tomorrow I can post any questions I have :slight_smile: :smile: thanks