ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 8

Week 8 Apr 8 2023
Pages 87-98
Chapter 3
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Last frame of of this week's part (page 98)


We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


Vocabulary Sheet

The base for this vocab sheet was prepared using a fair amount of OCR/parsing, automated by @ChristopherFritz.

Some notes for using/improving it:

  • Pages are physical page numbers (they are printed on some pages). Ebook reader pages might be off by a bit.
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  • Words might be missing. Feel free to add them!
  • By default, translations in grey are auto-filled with a list of possible meanings (from a Wiktionary database). If you know what the actual specific meaning in this context is, feel free to fill it in! (It’ll turn black then.)

Grammar Sheet

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You can find some general advice, useful resources for reading and the FAQ here.

Voice-over Video

If you also want to listen to Ruri’s adventures - there’s an official voice-over video!

This week’s part: start - 3:24


Btw, why don’t you make these voice-over video links timestamped?


I do, unless it’s at the start… or unless I forgot it like last week.


I feel like the difficulty has finally let up a bit. No long and complicated speeches, only a couple of harder to parse panels.

Poor Ruri, I know how she feels. I too didn’t want to go to uni after the pandemic ended.


This week was truly much simpler so I’ll ask just a few questions.

Page 89

とりあえず制服だけでも着てみな: first just put on your school uniform.
(why does it say だけでも? I assumed it was a “just” or do only that thing which is to wear the uniform)

気持ち変わるから: it will change your mood (it will make you feel better?)

Page 90

三日ちょいで治ると思わなかったもん: 3 days is too little to heal in my opinion
(what is もん doing there and why is 思う conjugated like that? is it the passive 思われない and they skipped the れ?)

Page 93

さあ~ 行きたくないってゴネてるとは言ったけど~ :Well, you said you didnt want to go…
(what in the world is ゴネ? Could it be she meant ご寝てる but… oof)

This time I read without the vocab list or the video, just for fun. Then I did a second read with the vocab sheet and the video in a couple of frames.
Took 14 minutes to read the pages the first time.


I… I accidentally read THE WHOLE CHAPTER. I was thinking “man it’s taking a while to reach the panel…” and then the chapter ended. XD

It is interesting the bits I’m able to comprehend, and the bits that I don’t understand at all but can guess based on the images… and the bits where I just have nooooo idea. But I’m really enjoying the manga, even in my half-understanding way. :slight_smile:


Well, だけでも in this case is “just do x”. And I think you missed the てみる from the translation. The whole sentence means “Just try putting on your uniform”
After that, the next sentence connects to this “It wll get you in the mindset (of going to school)”.


That’s not quite right. ちょい is “a little over” in this case. Now pay careful attention to the placement of the quotation particle. What’s quoted here is “三日ちょいで治る”, or “healing in a little over 3 days”. The part after that, 思わなかった, literally “Didn’t think” (just negative + past tense), and the もん is the emphatic reason particle.
Put together “I wouldn’t have thought that it would heal in a little over 3 days”.


It’s ごねる. To grumble. And the translation is a bit off.
行きたくないってゴネてる - to grumble about not wanting to go (って casual quotation)
~とは言ったけど - I told her (lit.: I said), but… (finish this with your imagination)


Into “I have finished this part” jail you go. WIth the rest of the misbehavers


It was by accident! I really was trying to stop at the right place and everything! This manga is really easy to get caught up into, and I’m going to be so sad when we finish the book and there isn’t another volume to dig into. :slight_smile:


Sounds like an excuse, I would never do something like this don’t look at my earlier votes


Exactly! I’m so committed to reading along with the group that I didn’t even read last weeks section until a couple days before it ended!


Ohhh, you are totally right the てみる flew over my head there. I get it now.
I actually looked it up as ゴネ in the dictionary but nothing came back and I got confused with the katakana too.

Geez, I’m miles away from translating it so clearly, I’m still processing this sentence!!

Thanks as always Gorbitさん!


Yep, it’s a common thing, a random verb decides to appear in katakana, because reasons. In general, if a piece of katakana word is seemingly used as a verb (like here it ends in てる), it’s worth checking for the hiragana version just in case. A lot of the times, if the word is common enough, it might be included in the synonyms sections, but not always.

You’re probably not as far as you might think. I’ve only been reading properly for a bit over a year. Once it clicks, it will be much easier to at least see the individual sections inside a sentence.


This week was fun and easy! Finished it within 15-20 minutes for the first time ever T_T A lot of the vocabulary repeated from the previous chapters, so it was a nice way to recall/remember them.

Ruri did make quite a lot of sounds and grumbles though, so I had to check these “words” anyways to make sure I wasn’t missing any important vocab. Turns out she was just really pent up :laughing:


Just finished too and yep, again this week, it was about eating :joy:

Page 93


Had a bit of troubles parsing this one.

行かない日が : on I don’t want to go days
続く毎に: It will continue for each?

Each day you don’t want to come, one of your friend will come visit you?


Yep, except, it’s “友達が増え続ける”, the number of friends coming over will grow each day that passes. (+ probably, since the かも)


Yeah who would do such a thing, I totally didn’t already read the whole volume a week ago (or was it two weeks? I can’t remember)


hello I’m new to Japanese, and really wanted to join a book club, any tips?


If you are completely new without any prior knowledge, I really don’t recommend. We generally recommend getting through genki 1 or an equivalent level of grammar knowledge before you begin. This means knowing at least most of the N5 grammar points. It isn’t difficult to get that far, but without it it will be like looking at a wall of scribbles.
At least some vocab knowledge is nice, but that’s usually easier to look up, especially because of the vocabulary sheets. But if you continue to learn words while you get your grammar knowledge up, then you should know at least the most important words.
Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, I invite you to try it out, especially since both Amazon and Bookwalker give out free samples, that’s enough to at least get a taste of what it’s like to read along.


Not going to write to translate every sentence because that took me way too long last week, but I’ll post some of the sentences I really struggle with.

pg 90 行くって言ってからもう3日だよ? - I think this is "You have been saying that you will go for 3 days now". Not sure if this is actually, "You have been saying you will not go", as in, every morning she loses resolve and decides not to go back to school.
そろそろ行かないと後で後悔するぞ - I belive this is "Soon after you stop going you will start to reget it". Not quite sure what the ぞ does after する? Seems like it can be used to make something a command?
完治おめでとう - I believe this is "Complete, congratualtions". I assume this sound is coming from her game?
pg 91 言ったでしょ龍の代謝は人並み外れてるから - Think I am mistranslating this, "They said (doctor) that it is normal for your dragons regeneration to leave you disconnected". She is either saying that its normal for Ruri to feel rough after recovering or she is saying that by now she should be feeling back to normal? Not really sure here. Think I have probably mistranslated 外れ here too.
刺し傷も3日治るよ - I think she is saying "A stab wound would have healed in 3 days" which makes me think the last sentence is more like her saying "Your Dragons Regeneration should have you feeling back to normal by now".
pg 93 行きたくないってゴネてるとは言ったけど - I think Ruris mum is saying something like "You grumbled and said that you were not going".
pg 94 今から下に向かわすからちょっと待っててね - Not quite sure what the 下に向かわす means here, the rest is "From now... wait just a moment". Maybe she is saying that Ruri is just coming downstairs/outside now?

This section was definitely easier than last weeks, I was able to get the gist of everything said pretty easily this time around.