ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 6

Week 6 Mar 25 2023
Pages 61-75
Chapter 2
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Last frame of of this week's part (page 75)


We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


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Voice-over Video

If you also want to listen to Ruri’s adventures - there’s an official voice-over video!

This week’s part: start - 4:39


We did it, folks! Finally, chapter 2! :fire:


Ah, Chapter 2! Let’s see how far I can get before something stumps me!

Apparently…first panel of the first page :rofl:

Pg. 61


I don’t know that it’s really important, but what is this? “Self-serve…?” 分からないよ :sweat_smile:


Is that a different manga? A different page? A different… edition? I’m a bit confused. (Page 61 is the title page and the title is different than this, and page 62 only has one “sentence”, and that’s not it.)


Finally we’ve reached a point where I haven’t already read it. Looks like I’m going to do some reading tonight


My digital copy has the page numbers all messed up, but this (I think) is Page 61. or 62?

I don’t have my physical copy with me so at the moment I can’t check to see if it’s the same there.


I think that’s been edited in by someone? It’s not in my digital copy from Bookwalker at least



Page 61 in my digital Kindle copy



Weird… In that case I’m assuming my physical copy won’t have it either but I’ll double check when I’m at home. Sorry for the confusion!


So I couldn’t quite remember how far I’d read last week exactly, and erm…

Yeah, turns out I’m on chapter 4. Have I mentioned I have no self-control? :joy:


Yay, we’ve reached the point where I hadn’t already read it twice! (Once in Shonen Jump in Japanese, once from the voice over youtube video.)

I’ll likely do my “read through” tomorrow. I want to actually look things up and try to ‘understand’ rather than my usual “use the image and small vocab knowledge I have to guess what might be said” method.

My grammar game is crap, mainly because grammar in English still confuses me (and it’s my native language) and that makes it hard sometimes to wrap my head around Japanese… when the explanations just make me more confused. XD


Week six is here and boy I am suffering! I understood the general idea of what was going on and in the end I ended up reading two or three extra pages, but yikes the scene where mom explains stuff about the nature of Ruri’s body had me sooooo confused! :disappointed_relieved:

I will wait a couple of days and go through the pages again :c a little bummed I must say, oh well!


Question of the week: Do I have to read along the group now, or am I still past this week’s section.
Oh wow, I think I need to read a whole 2 pages worth
Apparently I stopped myself before continuing on. Gotta make sure this doesn’t happen again


Oof this week is dialogue heavy, I need some saving. I’ve only read a few pages, but I hope to finish by tomorrow.

page 63
  • このまま放置するわけにもいかないでしょ - can someone break this down for me please?
page 65
  • これもうそうなの? - For context, Ruri replies to her mother’s dialogue “dragon’s blood is tremendous huh.” Is Ruri saying, “so is this (blood being tremendous thing) also true"?

(also so embarrassed of my butter fingers ugh)


このまま → in this state
放置する → leaving as is
このまま放置する → leaving it in this state (basically: letting it be like this)
わけにもいけない → this is this grammar point, but with も. Means “can’t afford to”

So we can’t afford to let it go on like this


I think she’s saying something like “So this because of that as well?”, but I’m not quite sure about that either.


Thank you very much!

p. 65

You’ve got a slight typo there, it’s これもそうなの. “This is also like that?” - as in, her burns healing so fast also being a dragon thing. そう is essentially referring back to what her mom said. Ruri presumably didn’t think anything in particular of her burns healing so fast (makes sense, it’s probably not a regular occurrence for her, to say the least), so she’s expressing some mild surprise at this being special.

At least, that’s how I took it.


Phew! Off to a tricky start, huh? :sweat_smile:


Very confused about how to parse…most of the middle of this page tbh:

Mom: 出ないに越したことないけど
“It would have been best if it (your fire breath?) didn’t come out, but…”
Not sure what the implied subject is.

I’m confused about how to parse this…is it something like “If it can’t come out, that’s a problem”? Is this because she’s fire-congested? xD

Is this "どうすん” the 〜んです form of “どうする”? So this part is like, “What are we going to do if/when you have another outburst?”

Tea-drinking panel:
このままじゃ 学校行けないよ?
“If things stay like this, you can’t go to school, right?”

“Seriously, remember the fire breathing?”

Poor Ruri :sob:

Made it to page 67, will pick up more later.


Yeah, basically “If it doesn’t come out, that’s not a problem, but if it can’t, that is”.

It’s just “どうするの?” with the る turning into a ん. It’s a common slang pattern for the ら column.
Also, it’s an inverted sentence, in proper order, it would be.
“If you have another outburst, what are we going to do?”


覚える can also mean “to learn”. What she needs to learn is “吐き方”, aka the way to breath fire (so she knows how to control it)


Just to add on slightly to what @Gorbit99 already explained, in case anyone is having trouble figuring out how this statement fits, the sense that I get from this (not a literal translation) is something like “Well, it would have been fine if you’d never breathed fire, but now that we know that you can, you need to learn how to do it consciously/intentionally so that you know how to avoid doing it unintentionally again.”

Basically, if she has no idea how she did it in the first place, she doesn’t know what to do/not do in order to avoid it happening again without her meaning to. Since obviously random flamethrower outbursts are not ideal. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if she can breathe fire on command, but it definitely matters that she knows how to control it and avoid outbursts.