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Start date: 6th February

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Start date Chapter Page numbers Page count
6 Feb 10 - 大攻防! クリリンVSジャッキー 2-22 20
13 Feb 11 - 大決勝戦‼ 23-40 18
20 Feb 12 - 天下一武道会大騒然!!! 41-58 18
27 Feb 13 - ドラゴンボール争奪戦 59-78 20
6 Mar 14 - 対決! 忍者ムラサキ 79-98 20
13 Mar 15 - マッスルタワーの最期!! 99-116 18
20 Mar 16 - 探そうぜ! ドラゴンボール 117-134 18
27 Mar 17 - 攻撃開始! ブルー将軍 135-152 18
3 Apr 18 - 海賊の亡霊あらわる!? 153-181 19
10 Apr Bonus 183-187 5

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Thanks for organising us for volume 2 Phryne! So, last volume I read quite slowly breaking down each sentence as I went. This volume different plan, I’m reading the whole chapter through first without looking anything up. It’s more fun that way and hopefully boosts the comprehension in a different way.

Now going back through looking up the words I didn’t know. You definitely need to go back to the original and read chapters 44 and 45 to properly understand what happens in the Goku vs Namu match!

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Oops, forgot about it because I had to take it out of the volume 1 post, due it breaking the whole post. I’ll add one now :grin:

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That’s my approach to DB as well.
I read the whole chapter first (and circle any words I don’t know). The I re-read it translating expressions that I don’t know. So, I challenge myself to get things from context and enjoy the story, then it is study time.

After I do all that I’ve been reading the original in parallel (just for fun).
And with any extra time in the week I re-read the chapter, this helps me remember more vocabulary in the long term and I start reading sentences more “fluidly” (e.g: expressions that don’t always make complete sense the first time, start making sense).

So a mix of study time with fun time :grinning:

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Couple of questions:

Page 9 and 20 - ジャッキーチュンsays やむをえん - I think this is やむ終えない (cannot be helped, unavoidable)?

Page 20 bottom panel - ジャッキチュン says: とっておきの技をだすとするか…悟空なら死にはせんじゃろ…

He’s saying he’s going to use the attack he keeps in reserve, and because it’s Goku he doesn’t think it will kill him. What do you think the verb is at the end? Maybe は as a contrast particle followed by せん (しません)? Maybe はせん is the verb but I can’t work out what the dictionary form is?

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I am late to the party and only read the chapter quickly, but haven’t translated it! The first one is definitely やむを得ない。

The second one… I was also not sure yet…

By the way, does anyone have a link/resource to “old man” speaking in manga? I sometimes still get confused with some of those changes like て form becoming と。Etc. Anything will help :slight_smile:

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I think it’s that again. We saw it in volume 1 too.

死に - death, dying // は - as for // しません - he won’t do
➝ He won’t die.

I am more confused about とするか. Is this a supposition? ‘Suppose I send out the ace up my sleeve…?’

Page 11

I think 終わらす is a contracted causative. But here too we see とするか. I feel like it must be a grammar point…?

Page 20

What is 考えおったな? I get the gist of it; he was expecting paper but got rock. But I don’t quite get this part.

This might help:

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Week 2

Start date: 13 February
Pages: 23-40

How is the reading going?
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  • I am dropping this book :person_gesturing_no:t3:

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Getting harder to look up some of these grammar points. Might be time to buy one of those dictionaries of Japanese grammar! I’d read とする as “to try” but checking the grammar that’s supposed to follow volitional form. Is おった the past form of おる - to be? Something like - “that was a thought” or “that was an idea”.

Chapter 11

First page (23) - ki has always been written as chi in my diary English translation, I never clicked it was simply 気!

We then have two non Wanikani kanji in 萬國驚天掌. Both seem to be old fashioned kanji not used much now. 萬 seems similar to 万, and 國 seems similar to 国.

Here’s more information on this attack - apparently the name is a play on words of an old Japanese game show.

I asked on HiNative and this is the response I got:




To me that sounds like it is comparable to the volitional, I guess.

I love the 掌・ショー pun!

Page 32
Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 10.36.35

I tried to figure out what the deal with でない is. My theory is that it’s ではない with the は left out (but why leave it out?) and that it functions as an informal imperative.

Page 33

What is いっ at the end here?

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Week 3

Start date: 20 February
Pages: 41-58

How is the reading going?
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Not sure about the grammar. I also read it as an imperative - “don’t panic”

Presumably again an imperative from context. Googled japanese imperatives and found lists of lots different ways to form an imperative, but none of them matched this one!

Chapter 12

Another fun chapter. Still loving the way they break the fourth wall, and that awareness that they are in an SD version of the comic (bottom panel page 46).

Funny in the original the host asked Goku to put some clothes on to finish the match, but in this version he carries on naked to the end!

I like the word on page 52: たらふく - (eating or drinking) to one’s heart content - literally the kanji are “codfish belly” - a dangerous word to use around Goku!

I couldn’t quite figure out the name of the restaurant on page 52 - “Delicious 菜館”. At first I wondered why Goku was being taken to a vegetarian restaurant! Closest I could find was a famous ramen restaurant chain originating in Kyoto called Shinpuku Saikan (新福菜館).

Sorry, I had lots of work going on in the last 10 days and I fell behind. I think I am just going to skim chapter 2 and catch up back to chapter 3!

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That’s cause it’s Chinese, not (really) Japanese! Guess it makes sense cause the Dragon Ball universe was inspired by Journey to the West.

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Week 4

Start date: 27 February
Pages: 59-78

How is the reading going?
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Well, that was a very easy chapter this week! Or maybe I am just super good at Japanese, who knows? :smirk:

I found a reference for the inter-chapter-joke, it’s Major Metallitron!

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I love the bit where he dashed out the house to fight the bad guys and then immediately returns freezing cold!

Week 5

Start date: 6 March
Pages: 79-98

How is the reading going?
  • I am reading along :dragon:
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I just caught up (yay!). And I was going to say the same, I fell so smart that I basically could read through the whole chapter and knew almost every word.

I am looking forward to reading these chapters because I basically don’t remember anything about the Red Ribbon

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