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Chapter 5: 道具を揃える所からがキャンプです

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Laid-Back Camp

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This is going by so fast! D:


A chapter both funny and instructive!

I found particularly funny:

  • Serori’s logo is an actual stick (?) of celery
  • Rin’s face when she gets surprised looking at the pictures

  • Nadeshiko counting 諭吉s
  • All the stickers on the box! They all make perfect sense :joy: Especially, I would also transport her by refrigerated truck.


The national speed limit bear? :grin:

Agreed! I think perhaps it’s because we did a book which took months before, so this feels really fast in comparison?

Page 119

Very last bubble by Aoi:


I’ve got a case of “know all the words, don’t know what it means”.

Page 120

Those うちs are referring to their houses / families, right? “I have one at home” sort of thing?

Page 124


Eeehhh? Another instance of “knowing-all-the-words-itis”.


Real-world references time! They’re back at the school, which I’ve linked to before, so nothing particularly new to reference here. However, the passing mention to Serori might be for the コメリ hardware chain, the logo of which is a chicken. That said, while the nearest location is about fifteen minutes from Motosu High School by car (reasonably close to Chiaki’s approximation), neither the building nor the chain’s logo even vaguely resemble the one shown in the manga, sooo… perhaps not. Googling didn’t turn up anything much.

Feels to me like Aoi’s accent is a fair bit stronger in this chapter than previous appearences.

Page 128, final panel, what’s going on with 走れようが走れまい?

Page 130, anyone wondering about おしくらまんじゅう, this is what it looks like:

Reckon this is definition 2 of 別に, “additionally, separately, extra” - as in, “well, you’re free to bring those if you want” (but they’re not required)


Going in literal order “When something happens, isn’t that (always) your excuse?”


Yeah, I added a couple of extra things to the dialect sheet - I noticed her using やね instead of だね and やけど instead of だけど (I assume - or is that a normal thing and my brain has just malfunctioned :sweat_smile: ). She does both a few times this chapter, and I could swear we haven’t seen it at all in previous chapters (not very good at noticing these things though).



Thank you!


It’s 走れようが走れまい
In this context, まい is the negative form of よう.
VようがVまいが means “wether you V or not“ (走れる, so “can run”, in this case)
It indeed doesn’t matter, since the bear is faster than you.


Pff, nobody respects those limits. I mean, you a cop o’ sumething?

But no, it was about the list of stuff you need for winter camping, as well as the difference between summer and winter sleeping bags.


This chapter’s title: 道具を揃える所からがキャンプです

“Camp is where the tools get together/gather.” ?

‘camping begins from/with gathering the tools.’ :slight_smile:


I think this is more general - ‘isn’t that the excuse you(as in ‘(some) one’) uses when there is something’.


Thanks for making me take a second look at the box! I’d passed them over with a glance, but they’re great. :smiley:

Sorry about the multipost. :see_no_evil:


This chapter was very funny! Loved the packaging stickers as well (great detail right there lmao), and how Aoi likened Nadeshiko to dog frisbee :laughing:

Also, TIL bubble wrap = プチプチシート. It sounds so cute :laughing:


Is there… like… a reason it’s が vs か? I’m just thinking of structures like ~かどうか and wondering why this would be formed kind of differently (as the use of か seems to make intuitive sense). I’m fully prepared for the answer to be “that’s just how it is” :grimacing:

Oh, I’d missed this reply, sorry - that makes a lot of sense to me :+1:

Page 126



I’m not quite sure of that にすんね at the end of the first line. I get that she’s saying she’ll do it once it gets a little warmer after all (rather than braving the cold), but is it just the usual にする meaning? Seems kind of weird combined with the なったら… I’ve decided on “once it gets a bit warmer” after all… I guess that works… I know I’m just overthinking…

But then what exactly is Rin saying in reply? Is she saying camping will be no good in six months? That it will be no good because then she won’t want to go? Or that in six months when it’s finally warm enough what’s-her-face still won’t want to go because of some other reason…? I just want to understand the joke properly :sob:

I did really enjoy this chapter - it was pretty comical throughout - but it felt pretty dense text-wise compared to the last couple.


According to my grammar dictionary, Vようが is a slightly formal way of saying Vても (obviously, the same applies to まいが which then becomes Vなくても). That doesn’t really answer the question, though, but I have no idea of how to look it up… ようが 由来 gives me stuff about yoga or a place named 用賀…

I thought it was するのね mashed together. The の adds an explanative (? probably not a word) tone.


(I assumed you just had problem with the parsing of じゃあと, but if not, she is indeed saying that it won’t be possible for another 6 month (because it won’t get warmer until then))


Ι guess it’s the conjunctive が


Mostly because they’re back to reading camping magazines rather than admiring the scenery. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, the parsing was fine (it’s split up in the book anyway). But I thought it was saying it would be むり after six months, not that it would be むり until after six months. Hence my confusion.

Thanks all!

Yes, more sweeping vistas of mountains please :joy:

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あと[Time duration] means “that much more time from now on”


page 125


私 - I
も - also
「なでしこメツ」- Nadeshiko as a quote?
食べてみた - tried to eat
かった - bought?
なぁ - sentence ending particle

Something about Nadeshiko eating a lot? I don’t know.


あいつ - She
ほとんど - almost
じぶん - self / me
で - verb directional particle
食っちゃった - finished eating???
けど - however
な - sentence ending particle

“She almost finished eating me however?” Doesn’t really make sense.

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