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Chapter 4: 日記


Start Date: March 23rd
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Meow~ might be this headache I have right now but this chapter felt more difficult to read than the previous ones. I am wondering about the following:


Page 63

Yuu: “めんどうくさいことは私に任せ

I am having trouble figuring out what’s で doing there and what exactly it means; none of the uses I know for で as a particle seems to fit. Unless it is some conjugation of 任せる that I am not being able to figure out either >.<

Page 64

Chi: ”頭が足りないヤツは体動かすんだよ”

My best guess for the first part of the sentence is “the not bright enough person”. I have no idea which meaning of かす is being used in the second part ._.

I have the vague feeling this is an expression that means that the one not using the brains must compensate with the brawn, but it is total speculation from what I see in context.

Page 65

Chi: "説明した
Is that ろ at the end some sort of colloquial abbreviation of だろう or something… ?

Page 70:

Chi: “本が大事って話したよなさっき”

Not sure what よな means there…

Thanks and ごぬんね for the trouble~


Disclaimer: I haven’t read the chapter yet for full context.

Page 63:
Possibly just a weird voicing of て.

Page 64 (still page 63):
It’s probably not 体動 + かす. I think it’s 体 + 動かす (with a dropped を).

Not sure, but sounds reasonable to me. (Also, this is page 64 :sweat_smile:)

Looks like it’s just the sentence ending particles よ and な combined. They just don’t look like sentence ending particles because さっき was thrown on at the end for clarification (it would normally be put at the beginning in this sentence).


Oh wow, that makes a lot of sense… I got confused by the fact that 体動 is a valid word (and it currently appears like that in the Spreadsheet).

I see! Yeah, that looks correct. Definitely the さっき there threw me off.

Thanks a lot.


If anyone wants to know what’s written in the diary on page 62 but can’t be bothered translating the miraigana, this page has it written out:



じ■■■■■への (じょうそうへの?)

3423 (?)

It also observes that even though Chii says 有機物の廃材があったのは幸いだった in the first panel of page 63, when it’s later shown written down it actually says もやせるゆうきざいがあったのはさいわいだった.


Ok, finished reading the chapter now. No particular issues, to be honest.

The book Yuu burns is probably this:

I confess I’m a bit confused as to how it apparently got switched with Chii’s diary between panels.

Page 76, the Yen Press translators seem to have completely failed to notice that the little box transcribing Yuu’s apology reads ごんね, and have just straight translated as “Sorry”, with a note in the margin saying “Japanese: ごめんね”. This concerns me a little. (Though mind, they’ve already shown a lack of attention being paid - Chii’s のぼせてきた “I’m getting dizzy” in the omake panel last chapter is instead translated as “All loosened up…”)


Hmmm I am not sure, but from where I see it this is how that part goes:


After Chi tries to explain Yuu why books are amazing, Chi says (page 67):

Chii: 今も持ってるのは数冊の日記を除けば → if we exclude the (various) journal volumes, right now I am carrying…

Chii: いち…に…さん…4冊か → 1…2…3…4 books.

Yuu: みせてー → Show me~

So, since she’s excluding the journals and counting the actual book volumes, it seems to me logical that she ends up giving Yuu an actual book and not a journal.

Also, in the previous page there are a couple panels where Chii seems to be closing her journal and putting it into her bag:


Yeah, except two frames prior to Kappa getting thrown on the fire, there’s a frame which explictly shows Yuu holding the diary. In the anime episode, Chii hands Yuu the novel rather than the diary.

Probably just a mistake on the part of Tsukumizu-sensei…


Oh, now that I look properly at the miraigana of the book Yuu’s holding you are right >.<


I also failed to notice that there was a mistake. I even checked, since it’s mentioned, but thought “ah, maybe the mistake is in the miraigana”

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This chapter was cute. How ゆー is sorry about burning the book and draws ちー. :blush:
Fixed some words in the spreadsheet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seemed like I had to look up more words this chapter.

Question! P75

本はなくても まあ


Included the previous word bubble for context

So is she saying something along the lines of “but if my journal-writing luck is sleeping on the job, my journal will wind up like the books”?

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“Even if we had no books, I still have my journal. If I keep adding to the journal, it will become something that’s like a book.”

(Side note, you’ve made a couple of transcription errors there - この日記がるし, 書き連ねて. 気を付けてね.)


This chapter was traumatic :persevere:

Also @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz, I thought this chapter was a little more dense text-wise than the previous ones. Chii waxes lyrical in longer sentences than we usually see, I think.


Thanks for catching the errors.

…But I still don't understand something

But the ねていけば part on 運ねていけば is mostly what I don’t understand.

Like I said, it’s not 運, it’s 連.





Oooooooooh. Now I just feel dense.

Kanji is hard. :upside_down_face:


Hah, yeah. I was just about to adjust my link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. If I become emperor, the first thing I’m gonna do is ban all kanji that aren’t more distinctly different. 末 and 未? Gone.


Don’t forget the vocab spreadsheet! If words have already been added there it can make it a lot less likely that you’ll muddle something up ^^

On which note, I’ve noticed people keep adding things not in dictionary form, and including kanji where they’re not in the manga. Please do read the editing guidelines if you’re contributing to the vocab list!