この美術部には問題がある! 🎨 This Art Club has a Problem!(Beginner Book Club) (finished)

Welcome to the この美術部には問題がある!・ This Art Club has a Problem! :art:

This is the main thread for reading the manga この美術部には問題がある!・ This Art Club has a Problem! together with the Beginner Book Club. It’s suggested that you have a solid understanding of N5 grammar and at least some of N4. If you have finished Genki 2, or have finished an Absolute Beginner Book Club and thought it went rather well, this might be at a good next step for you!

We’ll be reading together according to a weekly schedule, ask and answer questions in weekly threads, and we’ll have vocabulary and grammar sheets we’re building together to make this easier for everyone.

この美術部には問題がある! ・ This Art Club has a Problem! :art:


Schedule & Discussion Thread Links

Week Start Date Chapter Pages
Week 1 02 Dec 2023 1 part 1 3-17
Week 2 09 Dec 2023 1 part 2 18-32
Week 3 16 Dec 2023 2 33-58
Week 4 23 Dec 2023 3 part 1 59-80
Week 5 30 Dec 2023 3 part 2 81-102
Week 6 06 Jan 2024 4 103-126
Week 7 13 Jan 2024 5 127-150
Week 8 20 Jan 2024 6 151-179


A girl with violently too much common sense, a boy whose sole ambition is to draw the perfect 2D bride, an addlebrained ghost member, and their always sleeping president — what is wrong with this art club?!

More info about the manga

  • Nomination post (with preview pictures to see if you like the looks and the difficulty, and more information)
  • Natively (a website that compares the difficulty of mangas and other books)

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Physical: Amazon | CD Japan
Digital: Kindle | BookWalker | Kobo

Vocabulary Sheet

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This is short book, meaning we should try to find a schedule that take 8 weeks or less.
Here is the chapters outline:

Chapter 3 is the biggest.
So one could say that the ramping period is chapter 1 week 1, chapter 2 week 2, and we are ready for the whole chapter 3 on week 3?
Basically I suggest that we read one chapter per week, this would mean that we read the book in 6 weeks.

  • Let’s do that
  • No, let’s discuss and break it down differently
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For my own use, I decided to write out the page counts and I thought it might help others, so posting it here. This does include title pages and any 1-2 pages that might be empty at the end of chapters.

Chapter 1: 31
Chapter 2: 27
Chapter 3: 45
Chapter 4: 25
Chapter 5: 25
Chapter 6: 25

With those kind of page count and the fact that BBC usually have a gentle start to let people get used to a new author and those coming right from ABBC get a chance to adjust, it would seem reasonable to divide chapter 1 and chapter 3. I’m just straight up dividing chapter 1 and 3 in half. So it would be more like:

Chapter 1-1: 15
Chapter 1-2: 16
Chapter 2: 27
Chapter 3-1: 22
Chapter 3-2: 23
Chapter 4: 25
Chapter 5: 25
Chapter 6: 25

This would also line up more with how many pages of a manga is typically read in BBC. For me personally, one chapter a week is probably fine if the Natively rating is accurate to its difficulty, but then I’m an intermediate reader so that isn’t surprising.


5 people voted to do 1 week per chapter but 6 people liked your post, not sure what to make of that :joy:


Possibly a problem because the poll is binary. Sometimes it is better to let people pick as many options as applies to them. And no one wants to be the perceived negative person saying no, except me, I guess. xD

I thought it was worth discussing enough to pick the no option, but really I would be fine with the one chapter per week option too. I’m possibly not alone, although only I picked to say no to start a discussion.


Summoning @Kazzeon :eyes:

All jokes aside, I like your proposal, will probably go for it unless someone else raises other valid points / the poll ends up being with a lot of votes for one chapter per week


I’m also thinking about difficulty creep. The highest page count BBC manga in the last 5 mangas had a couple of weeks with 30 pages*, but none higher than that. For that reason alone, I definitely think chapter 3 needs to be divided. We don’t want BBC to accidentally become early intermediate club (reading pace matters for difficulty after all). And starting with a ramp up is pretty standard for BBC, although some clubs skip that.

*EDIT: some clubs have had 30+ page chapters (35 as highest) after the midway point or as the last week.


I’ll already be participating the ABBC, but since that book is not too difficult according to natively, I might give it a shot.

I need to do more reading anyway.


Cool! Definitely a good idea with more reading :slight_smile:
Note that this book club will only start in November / December. If you want to pick something else before, one suggestion is to check out the Master List of Book Clubs and pick a previous pick from the Beginner Book Club :slight_smile:

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In past book clubs, I haven’t really seen many people struggle with longer chapters, I think we’re underestimating them if we think they can’t read it within 7 days. Not to mention, there’s bound to be pages with barely anything on them.

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Just because they don’t post about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though. And no one knows how hard it will be for them to read something until they try it. And for a beginner club, I think it is better to steer on the side of slow.

That is why using the speed of past clubs is a good idea, because it makes sure the speed doesn’t creep up.


Oh, I didn’t realized this is the book after the next. It’s ok, the next one does seem a bit too hard.

I have ordered the first volume. I’ll join and see how it goes :slight_smile:


Like @missdagger, while I’m sure I could personally manage Chapter 3 in one week, I think its important to remember that this is a bookclub for beginners.

It’s easy to forget how intimidating reading native material feels when you first start doing it, but I know for sure that when I read my first book with the BBC I wouldn’t have been able to manage 45 pages in a week. There were several clubs that I would have ended up dropping out of if there hadn’t been a gap week or a shorter chapter somewhere that allowed me to catch up.

The 8 week schedule looks good to me.
I’ll probably read the chapters spread over 2 weeks in the first week and then take a rest week since I prefer not to stop mid-chapter, but that just means the vocab list for the second half of those chapters will be at least partially populated in advance :grin:


商品名 : この美術部には問題がある! 1
1 × 570円 = 570円
発売日 : 2013/05/23
送 料(単価) : 実費
輸送方法 : 航空便
請求条件 : 送料会社負担
発送区分 : 一括

That’s my order confirmation :]
Not sure if it will arrive in time for the start of the club.

Art specific vocab is right up my street, so looking forward to reading this with you all!


Speaking as someone moving up from ABBC, I appreciate @MissDagger and other people’s efforts to be a voice for beginners in these clubs because I don’t really know how my level compares to other people. So I wouldn’t want to voice going slower if maybe I’m just way slower than other people in BBC or if I’m unsure about joining the current club. I wonder then, if it happens the more confident readers end up discussing/voting things.

The general suggestion to have a ramp-up at the beginning and split up the largest chapter (by a margin), as is normally done, is therefore probably a great idea to keep as a principle in this club. The only reason I could see for not doing it would be if a lot of beginners were actively saying they didn’t find it helpful in the past or if the manga is unusually easy for the club.

Anyway, there are so many months until the book club starts, why not make a few options and leave a poll open for at least a couple of weeks to capture more of the vibe. Some book clubs even have a separate anonymous poll to specifically ask beginners joining what they think about the ramp up.


Thanks for adding your voice!
I think we will definitely do that. As there are voice for going slower, I won’t make a new poll to ask if the majority wants to go faster. It is more fair to go to the pace of those wishing to go slower, and those who want to read faster can go ahead.
After all the point of the clubs is to help on the learning process, anybody who just wants to pick up the book and read it faster is free to do it on their own, and those that can use guidance and benefit from a weekly goal, need an achievable goal.
Updating the main post with the schedule. (Only missing the actual start date but I’ll take a guess that the other BBC is also going to run 8 weeks, if not I’ll update later)


Speaking of vocabulary, for those who want a headstart on learning the most common vocabulary from the volume, I’ve compiled a frequency list here:


Learning roughly the 460 most frequent words (those appearing 10+ times, some of which you already know) gives you 80% coverage of the overall words used.


  • This list is auto-generated based on running the digital manga through OCR.
  • There may be OCR errors (words with an incorrect character).
    • These typically have a frequency number of 1 or 2. You can ignore low-frequency items.
  • This list mostly contains only nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
  • Some words are mistakenly listed with kanji when they are kana in the volume.
  • Names are excluded from this list.
  • Character bios and copyright pages are excluded from this list.

By the way, the start date is now official, it will be December 2nd :slight_smile:


Remind us a bit before so I don’t forget to actually buy the book lol


Why not set a bookmark with a reminder on it? That way you are sure to get a reminder. :slight_smile: