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Week 5 December 30th 2023
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Chapters Chapter 3, second half
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This chapter was kinda cute. Though I’m still not entirely fond of the guy.


I’m not entirely fond of any of 'em.


I got caught out by ロ again - this time it was me thinking it was a ロ when it wasn’t!

Page 99


Translation: Buzz! Zero points!


I did somewhat enjoy this chapter, but I’ll admit that I’m not liking the manga so far overall. It’s weird, because I did enjoyed the anime back when I watched it. But that was over 5 years ago and maybe my tastes have changed. Or maybe the faster pace of an anime allowed it to get past these questionable parts sooner, who knows.


I feel the same way. This kind of middle school humor doesn’t really vibe with me very well, and a humor story that doesn’t at least make you chuckle once in awhile is just boring. Still, it’s language practice and only cost me one Euro, so no harm done.


I think the story missed “something” until chapter 4 and there’s a reason behind it. From あとがき (not a story spoiler):


If you want to drop the volume here, give it another chance and read one more chapter. I finished the chapter 4 and the rest of the volume in one sitting.


Is it Collette? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, every manga can sometimes take a little while to find its feet, though generally “make the characters likeable” is step number one. Usami is a gatekeeper who thinks artistic criticism is putting a fist through pictures you don’t like, while simultaneously forgetting just how much of classical art is really just smut, Uchimaki is a straight-up child, and the president, whatever his name is, is pretty much just furniture. And this, uh… “romance” that’s lurking on the horizon for Usami and Uchimaki… I’m not at all interested in seeing where that goes.


Yes, and all the wordplay and misunderstandings she brings. Since her introduction to the story, I found myself enjoying the narrative more.


That’s reassuring news! I also saw that the series has 15 volumes, so it has to get good at some point if it’s popular enough to continue for so long! Looking forward to the next chapters and might even give the next volume a try, to see what it’s actually all about


I want to join if you decide to host volume 2. No pressure :sweat_smile: Let’s see if it gains enough popularity in the book club after its bumpy start.


Read chapter 3 just there, it’s going along ok from a language perspective, but high school romcoms aren’t really my thing.


high school romcoms are my thing and this is still not great by my standards lol (though I still haven’t caught up just yet)


High school romcoms are admittedly the main source of reading I do, and no, this isn’t it yet.


If you are done with Chapter 3, time to read Chapter 4! :slight_smile: