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Week 3 December 16th 2023
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End Page 58
Chapters Chapter 2
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この美術部には問題がある Volume 1 Vocabulary Sheet

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I was confused for a second but it seems that the date above the week/page info wasn’t updated for this week (it says December 9th lol)


Thanks, fixed that!

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Page 58

It’s a made up name for the girl he’s drawn. I think that first word is ロイヤル but the ロ is written oddly.


The ロ in that font used to be my arch nemesis.

It showed up in the very first manga I read through in Japanese.


Since then, I’ve seen the font show up in numerous manga I’ve read.


And I’m now caught up again. During the chair scene I thought we were going to see a repeat of the last chapter’s fan service, but it was narrowly avoided.

This definitely feels easier than スーパーの後でや二級二人は, which was the last BBC I joined, which honestly is a bit of a relief after getting a bit stuck in the LN book club when I bit off a bit more than I was ready for.


This chapter wasn’t too bad, but the handwritten text gave me some trouble. Here is my attempt at reading the handwritten messages in pages 47-48:

Page 47


Page 48


Is this correct?


That’s more than what I deciphered :grin: but I had the same where I could understand something

Reaction image of the week


This chapter elicited a few chuckles, though I can’t help but feel this is probably a better (and less annoying) watch than it is a read.

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Eh, I watched the episode that was based on this chapter, and I’m gonna say… maybe?

I’m not discounting that it’s just kinda mid all around tbh

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It felt mid all around to me, too. I’ve been racking my brain for something to comment on since I read it yesterday, but in the end, I just felt too meh about it.


Week 4 is live!