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Week 2 December 9th 2023
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Chapters Chapter 1, second half
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We read the second half of chapter 1 this week.


この美術部には問題がある Volume 1 Vocabulary Sheet

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Some grammar points from this week’s reading:





N2 grammar :sob:


Don’t be discouraged, そういえば is just an expression. It is vocabulary, not a complex grammar point.


Yeah, a good portion of N2 and N1 “grammar” is really just words. I find it hard to understand why they are classified as grammar to begin with.


There isn’t actually anything making N2 or N1 even more difficult than N5, it’s just a frequency thing. And as @seanblue said already, I don’t think there are a ton of actual grammar structures in Japanese, it’s just that a lot of them get used in set phrase-esque phrases. Like this one, “そういえば” is just そう + 言う + ば = if we’re talking (about this) = speaking of…


Well, definitely a bit of an … ecchi turn in content if not necessarily visuals after Kiyo, I’ll say that much.


Some months ago, the whole series was on sale for a very low price. I had seen an episode of the anime, and it seemed like a series I’d like, so I bought the whole series. (It was a really low price overall.)

Got to reading volume one and discovered there’s content in there that would have saved me money if I had known about it.

Since I have the whole series, I’m going to try and sunk-cost it (read it since I paid for it) and hope that sort of artwork doesn’t keep appearing as a recurring theme throughout.

But otherwise, the series seems fine enough for a “read a little every week” manga for me.


It’s more of just that it’s like a hard right turn lmao. I definitely read ecchi-sketchy stuff, but yeah.

At least this is a damn sight easier than Kiyo to read lol


This week was easier, but did it have to go there :person_facepalming:


Week 3 is live, come and see if this manga talks about something else than young girls’ panties!


Really didn’t like this half of the chapter :grimacing: :upside_down_face: Both the contents and the grammar- it was hard for me to work out exactly what people were saying so I was reading along with help and my helper didn’t like the book at all. So next week I’m going to try and tough it out without them, and do my best to work out things from context.


Wait, そういえば is N2? Feels like I see that one everywhere.


N levels aren’t really rated by frequency, to be fair.


Saaaame. There was a nice bit at the end when Uchimaki realizes that he’s upset Usami and he draws a proper picture of her but that doesn’t make up for the really cringy stuff that came before.


Yeah, it’s like, I remember being that age and being cringy and pervy, overflowing with teenage hormones; but I’m 34 now so it’s a bit icky to read about it