Which of these is the correct version for 令?

I recently realized that some kanjis such as 令 have two different forms and i only recognize the one i learned which is this one: https://imgur.com/MITR1nz

I downloaded an app to my ipad to do my reviews but there it is totally different and was unrecognizable and like this: https://kakijun.jp/gif-mini/0513200-m.gif

This was the case for maybe 20% of the kanjis so i gave up pretty quickly.

Which one is the correct version? Even when I copied from the page for the kanji itself (which was the 1st version obviously), when I paste it here it becomes the second version… I’m now wondering if I somehow learned the wrong version for a lot of kanji…

As far as I know it’s just different fonts? The second one is how it’s handwritten I believe. Like when you write a lowercase “a” on a piece of paper you don’t write it the way it looks in a computer font, right?

There’s probably better responses than this but this is how I experienced it.



Usually Chinese vs Japanese, you can see that in the page. :slight_smile:

You can also add the language to Chrome (for example), and it will show it properly.

Although, even then, it seems like people write it both ways.

phew, so i learned the correct version, now how can i make it so my ipad shows me the correct version too :thinking: to be clear, i checked in firefox and it shows the correct version, only in the app it’s wrong

yeah i found this article: https://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1807/02/news010.html

the first is the printed version and second is handwritten and apparently they are both ok. but i prefer to learn the printed version anyway

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The one from your ipad image is using textbook typeface, the one from your WK image is using gothic typeface. Textbook typeface is used by any textbook you may read, so it’s useful to be able to recognize it.
All of these are valid renderings of 令 in Japanese (left-to-right: gothic, mincho, textbook, square, semi-cursive, cursive).


oh ok. i hope in tobira they use the gothic one then otherwise i’ll have to learn a lot of radicals again.

Sure not. Tobira uses textbook typeface everywhere.
(Edit: Just checked, actually it’s not used everywhere. All dialogs and reading passages use textbook typeface, but vocabulary lists and grammar explanations use gothic typeface.)

damn… ok i guess i’ll have to bite the bullet and try to learn the textbook ones too

I highly recommend adding the Jitai script, which will show you different fonts during reviews (depending on what’s installed on your computer).


This is a job for @Leebo

Were there any lingering questions? Seemed like it all got straightened out.

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possibly. I saw the confusion in the OP and immediately directed it to the proper channel. 笑

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