Confused about orders kanji in level 11

I’ve long since left level 11, but I noticed today that if I try to look up the kanji for orders on jisho I can’t find it, the only one I can find is 令. It has the same onyomi and English meaning but a different character. Is there something wrong with my kanji list?

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Looking for this? Just type “order”

The order kanji I see now is different than the one I learned back in level 11, it looked more like the kanji for fate 命 but a bit different.

Are you getting confused by different fonts? That character can look different.

These are the same character

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Ooooook that must be it. Most of the time I see the 2nd one on my computer but I guess I started seeing the other on mobile and I had no idea what it was. Thanks for clearing that up!

That sometimes happens on phones where they choose the Chinese version of characters to display for some reason. A handful of characters look different in Japanese and Chinese, so be aware of that possibility.

This one is another one off the top of my head. It’s part of the word 味噌 みそ as in miso soup



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And a few more:

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Wait… Does Korea still use Kanji? :o

EDIT: I just google’d it :sweat_smile::bowing_man:

It seems that 令 can use both style, but the slanted last stroke is probably more correct in writing.

There is a thing called official form, and versus permitted form. And both are Japanese fonts. 噌、煎、喩

About the wrongly displayed Chinese fonts in Android, one of the most noticeable ones would probably be 直. This might continued to be wrong in Han Unification fonts.

This is probably also related, if you notice the difference in fonts a little more.


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