Where is the self study option? is it gone forever? 😭

In the extra study section in the main page it used to be a «self study» option. Is it gone? or I forgot to activate a new setting?

In the last months, Wanikani’s updates are really a roller-coaster of emotions (and not a fun one)…

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Perhaps you’re thinking of the Self Study Quiz userscript? That’s different from WaniKani’s official Extra Study feature.



Do you mean this one?


Actually it was on option inside the window «Extra study». The advantage in comparison with the latter was the possibility to check the mnemonics if you gave a wrong answer.

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A feature of Reorder Omega? The button disappeared for me too.

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I’m glad that I’m not the only one!

For issues related to user scripts, it’s always best to post in the relevant script thread to alert the creator about any issues and to see if there might be available updates and fixes. This isn’t a Wanikani issue.


I thought the self study option was a built-in option proposed by Wanikani. I’ve just written a message in the Reorder Omega thread.


Nah, the WK Extra Study Feature only has tree modes - currently (as they’ve talked about taking onboard more suggestions to improve the feature)

I see, thank you for your message!

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Have you tried the item inspector together with the self-study quiz script? Those two scrips works a charm together and allows for highly specific quizzes of items that you might wanna cram. :slight_smile:

Very easy to use as well. Just install and use roll-down menus to make your choices. :+1:

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I’m going to try it, thanks @ekg !

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FYI button should be back once you update Omega


Thank you @Kumirei !


Hi, what is this Audio Quiz you have on the screenshot? Is this part of a script as well?

I never realized it’s on there. But my first feeling is that that’s vanilla Wanikani and I haven’t used it so I can’t say much. You should have it as well?? :eyes:

If not, I’ll try to look at which script is causing this, but in any case. I think??? that the Self-Study Quiz has an audio quiz option?

You can check which scripts I have on this blog, with what they do and so on. There are many ways to improve on your WK experience if you want to. :slight_smile:

or (i forget which)

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Oof – every time I get a notification about this script, I think to myself: “Next weekend, I should really spend some time to fix the Audio Quiz script to work with Turbo/Stimulus”. And then, when the weekend comes around, I forget or don’t really have enough time.

But this time I got the notification on a weekend and have some free time! So finally, there is a working version of the Audio Quiz script again (at least I hope it is working). Now I have to go and beg for forgiveness for leaving @Hubbit200 and @watanuki_kun on read in the Audio Quiz thread :sweat_smile: