Self Study Script problems

I’m sorry to bother you with me stupid questions … but one of my favourite apps just stopped working.
Looks like it all started when I deleted 2 scripts that did not seem to re related … and I already forgot what they were.

First all of the self study functionality was gone - then I played around a little, now I can see the self study “bar” again. It seems to be enabled, e.g. “shuffle” does what it should.

But clicking on the “quiz” - button fails to bring up the self study window. I checked chrome settings - pop-ups are allowed for wanikani.

If you have any idea what the old man may have spoilt, pls lend me a hand.

Btw: I faintly remember there was some kind of configuration control panel for the script - but can’t find it anymore.

this is installed:

Wanikani Open Framework 1.0.52
Wanikani Self-Study Hide Info 1.0.1
Wanikani Self-Study Quiz 3.0.31

Again sorry for stealing your time. Back in my nerd carreer I hated those RTFM questions.

i’m not sure, don’t use it myself. but i think you need the Item Inspector script to support the Self-Study scripts ^^

Thank you so much.

Funny enough the functionality came back without changing anything apart from the sort order on tampermonkey. (not changing anything now to retest - never change a running system …)

This is not the case. Self-Study script works fine by itself.

It is the other way round. The quiz function of Item Inspector requires Self Study Quiz.

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ahh ^^ i knew there was a dependency somewhere there, but got it mixed up

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