What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


Summer kanji looks awesome


A) Because it looks super cool…and actually does kinda look like an umbrella.

B) The meaning is the same in on and kun. lmao

It’s extremely aesthetically pleasing to me. XD


I adore 木,林 森 as well for the exact same reason. It’s like “single tree.” "Kinda sorta big foresty area. “MASSIVE FOREST OF AWESOME.”

Progression makes me so happy on the inside.


I am fond of 屁 because I am a child, and because I like to imagine that the little dude at the back farted and the smell carried up and over to the front dude.

I am working as an ALT in Kyoto and several of my students asked me about my favourite Japanese word. I couldn’t LIE to them so I told them, much to their amusement.


Really? I love 五! It’s fun to write. I agree that it looks a little weird as a font, but in handwriting, I find it kinda cute.


My favorite is a kanji I learned recently: 卑

I think it’s fun to write and I like the adjective 卑しい meaning lowly/humble/vile/vulgar


When I first learned it I knew about the grass radical (艹), and recognized 楽 from 楽しい, and to this day every time I see it I think “fun grass.”


楽 is so delightfully symmetrical. I also just love tiny 日 radicals… so, also 朝, 温 etc. Also anything with the thread radical. 線、紙、絵、and so on…


I’ve always liked 夢, it looks aesthetically pleasing. also 雨 because it looks like it’s meaning.


[reply to ooooolllldddd post] I always thought the rice in the enclosure looked like a cavity for the tooth, or like the tooth was broken :wink:


This one looks like one of those ridiculous fake moustache costumes to me.


I really like 骨. It looks like a robot to me. And it weirds me out the chinese version is looking the other way.

I also like the traditional version of turtle: 龜. It’s so ridiculous, but also looks kind of like a guy with sunglasses and a hat holding two pitchforks.


Any kanji with the “say” radical, 言. Though my favorite is probably 誰, just because I also really love the turkey. Wish Wanikani would teach me this one earlier, so I could see it in reviews (it’s such a joy to write, too :blush:)


I kept seeing 薬局 all over the place and wondered what the heck a “fun bureau” could be and why all the buildings looked so boring. Oops!


I really like 家 because it is really fun to write. You carefully do the “skeleton” of the kanji and then kind of go ham with the remaining four strokes on the sides.

Also like 車 and the top half of 書 for the opposite reason: you pile up the “horizontal” strokes and then strike right through.

I guess for me the writing feel/stroke order is more memorable/fun :slight_smile:


Some shapes caught my interest before I started learning Japanese that looked cryptic and cool. Simple strokes like 之, 工, 止 and some Kanji with the “viking” radical: 堂, 常, 営


Mine is kind of a dumb reason but I like 氷 because I think ice is cool in magic, stuff like that and its also how you would say my name in Japanese 「コーリ」


I just really like the way it looks.


I know that this is 3 kanji but wtvr…
I like 大丈夫 (daijoubu) because it just looks so aesthetic together like that :heart_eyes::star_struck:


I really like 平 .
It gives me a peaceful feeling.
It means flat, but it also incorporates movement.
It’s not the only one I like though.