What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


well you can also learn it the Otaku way by listening to 千本桜 for 100+ times ^^


And this is what i like, a person which doesn’t have a one favorite kanji but has a lot of them :slight_smile:
you’re just like me… muehehe


My favorite kanji are: 不 and 無 just because they are so simple and versitile and (at least until now) always have the same reading and meaning. Which is also why I usually don’t even need the mnemonic to remember, just not… or nothing…


You’ve already studied 無事 and 不器用… I guess they’re not difficult to remember as exceptions.


Certainly simpler than other kanji :smiley:


It has an absurdly long kun-reading c:


lol, that kunyomi is just a phrase, haha

Usually when you see long kunyomis it comes from taking a compound verb and putting it into one kanji. That one is just “lots of springs”


I’m also a 葉 lover, and my other favorite is 呼.
I find them both very calm and gentle-looking.


I think my favorite is 森 because the meaning is so logical and for some reason, it makes me think of a relaxing deep teal blue-green color. The reading has a relaxing sound to it as well. I also like 羽 because it looks like feathers in a down pillow. :relieved:


it reminds me of detailed feathers flying freely in the sky.

also means Purpose! And that is encouraging.

would sincerely tattoo it


I think it’s another of these “Google: longest kanji/hardest kanji” and type it here ;d


Number one is 霧. It simply means “fog”, but I love its intricate aesthetics. The main reason, though, is that it’s in the name of the main character of one of my favorite manga series: 霧亥 (Killy, from “Blame!”).

A close call would be 機 (machine), because it does look like a menacing steampunk machine of sorts, full of pipes, cogs, and spewing smoke. Also in a way reminds me of a tank.

But I also happen to like 脳 (brain). It’s relatively simple to write and I find the human brain to be an organ that’s really interesting to look at.


I really like 木,林 森 because of how literal their meanings are in relationship to their composition.

I like 好, but it think 今 is now my favourite.

I hate 五, everything about it feels wrong. In most fonts it looks like the number 6 with a speed trail behind it. I also find it awkward to write.


It’s like the evolved form of a Pokémon
四 -> 西 -> 酒

Water just looks like a neat little add-on when it’s a radical, so it still looks like one “thing”, unlike, say, 校

Also looks like a bottle splashing liquid around, and many Izakaya places have fun with its design on their shop signs.


when speaking about pokemon

火 always reminded me of this


I also like 宇 because it looks like a version of 字 designed by IKEA.


My favourite is 雨. I love rainy days sitting inside and looking out through the window and this kanji represents that perfectly. I’m also a fan of 傘. It’s another rainy day related one and it’s just such a cute kanji and perfectly pictorial.


電 because it looks like 雷 with a little cord to plug it in.


I like 金, since it looks like a wishing well you put pennies in, makes it easy to remember.


I like the kanji 空 for some reason. I just think it’s memorable and visually appealing.