What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


so what is your favourite kanji and why?

so lets start! my favorite kanji is 桜 because its so easy to remember and just really beautiful :slight_smile:

also my new favorite kanji is 花火 as it sounds so happy!! its like… fireworks hanabi… whoahhh!!

First Kanji -- Share Your Favorites

This one always makes me happy, looks like this happy little fella is going for a walk. (However, the bf thinks it looks like a shower head, and now I cannot unsee it).


I don’t know, it’s just so cute and sweet. I always think of Legolas when I see this one c:


It’s easy.


Simply because it’s supposedly the Kanji with the highest number of strokes. have fun writing that.


Because it’s actually sort of based on an actual heart.


Eh, those ones that just combine one kanji a bunch of times to make something like that aren’t that interesting to me. It’s just this (龍) 4 times.

For a kanji that has a ton of strokes that you’ll actually learn here, I like

Aesthetically, I like kanji that include 心, and I am particularly fond of 志, not just because it includes that, but because of the meaning and because it has a nice long kunyomi reading.


In China, at some point they used 占占点 as a secret way of googling for the Tiananmen Square massacre because it looks like a tank running over little people…


Probably 金 or 玉 because money and sports, no relation. Definitely not testicle jokes

Being a tad more serious, it’s probably 王 since I like the whole connection between heaven, man, and earth. It was hearing about that that made me less apprehensive about learning Chinese/Japanese characters in the first place.


I can’t really explain why I like it so much, but I find the shape of it alluring, seductive even. O_O it’s quite mesmerizing.


I’ve always like 水 and 虫 a lot.

One, I like water (absolutely love swimming). Two I’ve always just thought 水 looked pretty and elegant.
And I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought 虫 looked cute and sounded cute: むし.


Really like writing 語
夢 I think this one is quite lovely.
傘 And this one is so cute it actually looks like an umbrella.


Fine, a more serious answer is 雨 or 花. There’s just something about the simplicity that I like.


Well wanted to type it in the rules not to say 一 but i didn’t think that anyone may say that and deleted it ;/
and here you are ;d




I like 寒 and 心 ^^


Well kokoro is too one of my favourite ones :slight_smile:


I forgot to say why …they look nice? >x<


Not really 愛, but 恋 in my 心 is already OK.

夢 is also nice. Also, 炎.

BTW, I like 龍.