What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


Since it can also mean “peace”, I think this is pretty fitting :wink:


冬 Is very aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s also my favorite season.


猫, (ネコ) ”a dog-like creature that sounds meow” is the cutest description of a cat I have ever heard. I also think it looks a bit like a cat with perched ears, but that’s just my imagination.


森. It’s a forest. Made of tree kanji.


Hahaha I was gonna post __

= is my favorite then i guess


I’m attached to a lot of kanji with the mountain radical like these; 満, 両. I find them very aesthetically pleasing and I love writing them.

Also 落. One of my all time favorite kanji’s and Japanese words. 茶 because I love tea.


I like 火 because in my mind it looks and sounds like Beaker from the muppets, going “meep meep meeeeep!”, throwing his hands in the air and panicking after he set something on fire :grinning: :fire:


谷 – valley. I don’t know. It’s love from first sight. Maybe because it brings me comfort. No other kanji felt like this.


I don’t really have a single favourite kanji, but I really like 五, 水 and 今. No specific reason, I just like how they look.
Also, not a single kanji I know, but 大丈夫, because I love how アイズさん always say it. :heart_eyes:
I really like ふ as well, but that’s a kana. xD





気 - I find both the aesthetics and the meaning appealing.


You might also enjoy the traditional character as well: 氣


Haha, yeah I saw it as a shower head too


I like 傘 because it looks like four people under a big umbrella


Since I learned it, 承 has been my favourite. It’s way faster to draw the kanji than うけたまわる.


…and it also looks like a guy, who’s starving, so he’s very very humbly receiving whatever anyone gives him.


This thread is cracking me up. There’s so many "I never thought of it like that but I can totally relate!"
I’d pick 光 because it just looks like rays of light *A* and I love it as a name.


点 is definitely one of my favorites, because I look at it and can’t help but see a Recon from Advance Wars, an old GBA/DS turn based strategy game. This has led to some amazing personal mnemonics.

Besides that though, it’s just a cute little bird.

On wheels.


I like a lot of kanji, but my favorite is probably 探, because it associates with the word 探偵 which associates with 名探偵コナン - an anime that rekindled my interest for Japanese and stimulated me to start learning again, which lead to me finding out about WaniKani when I used jisho.org and ultimately resulted in me being here :sweat_smile:
And judging by some people’s avatars here, not only me :slightly_smiling_face:


Yesterday i found my new favourite kanji
語 because of how hilarious it is to write that there are basically 2 mouth radicals and a 5 :rofl:
also how hilarious it is when you say something like :wavy_dash:語を話す this just doesn’t feel right…