First Kanji -- Share Your Favorites

I should be getting my very first Kanji in a few hours, and I’m so excited to be a part of this community?

Japanese is such a beautifully written language. Do any of you have favorite Kanji you’d be willing to share with me?

My favorite so far is 雨 and some of its compounds, like 雷雨.


I find 大丈夫 aesthetically pleasing ^^

& welcome to the community! :crabigator::sparkles:


There was a favorite kanji thread some time ago:

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週 is good. Reading is always shuu.


Sorry! I just wanted to make my first post. I should have searched more diligently first.

I like 竜, the way you write it feels nice to me.

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No problem, I just thought that many people who answered in the other thread won’t answer again, so you would miss it when you are interested.

The other thread was idle for some time but I’m sure many new people want to share their favorite kanji, so go ahead :+1:

It’s a pretty early one, but my favorite kanji is still 電, because it looks to me like some sort of weird scorpion.

雨 is one of my favorite too but when my sensei assigned me a Kanji for my name for fun, which does not have one since I’m not a Japanese, I started to love 令夢 (My nickname is Rem and this is read as Reimu) and has been using it as username, tags, IGN or whatsoever here in Japan.

It’s hard to choose a specific favorite kanji, but 諺, 議 and 謝 are pretty nice.

Yeah, I have a thing for kanji with the 言 radical.

香水 is fun. i mean, i feel like i have “aha” moments constantly, but “incense water” made me excited because a perfume is essentially an alternate process of scent composition with a different product.

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