What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


I agree that 海 is a very beautiful Kanji. 毋 is among my favorite radicals but unfortunately it’s not in a lot of Kanji.


My 11-month-old daughter crawls around the house all day and is adorable. Her nickname is 毛虫ちゃん, or just 虫ちゃん for short.


I think 竜 looks cute.


狼 would have to be my favorite because I love wolves so the kanji for wolf goes right with it.


I really love the look of both 夢 and 寝! Maybe it’s because I love sleeping. :sleeping:


龍 because it just looks just like a dragon flying by a house that’s standing on the moon. And dragons are neat. And this kanji is neat.


I used to have favourites but not anymore I guess.
Though, I’ll mention these:

Maybe because they look so good in 草書 style.


And people tell me I have bad handwriting.


望 Hope
I first found it while looking for names for my characters, a kingdom of moonlings and sunlings fighting with each other, and all hope lies on the moon prince, who can only become king if the old king dies… death moon king = hope. Wow, just wow O_o
That and WaniKani has a funny Star Wars mnemonic for it :wink:

希望 - きぼう is my favorite vocab of it, same meaning, hope (or wish) I Used that one as a name for a while (though I ended up changing it)


雲。i always see a little dude with a cute little body and a big head. i named him cool moe


Speaking of 亞 in this thread, I think I like 惡 (the older Kanji version), because it looks so badass.


Hmm… I would say 橋 because its shape is one of the best balanced. Difficult to explain, it’s just that it neatly fills out all space given in the square. And Kanji with a tree on the side look more complex, more sophisticated somehow. Of course, its kun’yomi is a very complicated, too.


Just out of curiosity, what makes you say that? It’s not particularly long, and it’s a common word.


as for me~ im prefer home-brew 国字♡


I like 春 and 雪 , not only do they look nice but those were among the first Kanji I could write (from memory) before I joined WaniKani.
Other favorites are 族 and 鳥.


望 Hope/Full moon for the win! It looks like someone put too many things on a pedestal that are barely balancing.


haha when I showed 桜 to my bf (who knows a little bit of Chinese but no Japanese), he commented that it’s a tree with a woman going “kyaa!” next to it cos she finds the pink flowers pretty. I never forgot the kanji since then.

when learning mandarin, my favourite was 新, because it was one of the earlier character learned that actually looks like a Chinese character (you know, compared to 一二三口工 etc).

learning japanese, though, I cannot not like 飛 -> it really looks like it can fly! compared to the simplified chinese character 飞, 飛 can definitely fly higher :wink:


I’ve always been partial to , mainly because it looks like an old radio.


I quite like the flow of the lines in 永. Makes me think of the eternal flow of time like water in a river.


*giggling* I really like this story. I think I’ll never forget it, either. Thanks! : D