What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


I really like 茶, it’s so elegantly pretty :slight_smile:


茶 is my thing… super nice looking and its meaning appeals to me being British


私, the shape of it is just awesome.



Dunno why, it looks fancy.


Maybe 受. It has a nice symmetry and it’s fun to write.


My favorite Kanji is probably 燕 because of the symmetry.

I also like 教 and anything that has the 士 radical.

I would love 鬱 (again symmetry) if it wasn’t so damn ugly.


Ah, really? Cleat radical is so difficult for me. xD

I like writing the drunkard radical. c:


When I write the cleat radical I always connect the first two strokes. Is that cheating?



I like 歯. I really like the balance of it and the way it flows when writing it by hand.


Well, what standard are you going for? You’d get no points on the Kanji Kentei, but so would most Japanese people’s regular handwriting.


冬 + 幽 = <3

Both are a pleasure to write and aesthetically pleasing to me.


凹 and 凸
At least that’s what first came to mind today. I think it’s really neat how the shapes suggest the meanings.


一, because was the first kanji I really understood.


"Are you certain?"
“Yes, cross my heart.”

Could’ve been the mnemonic…


I hope to answer this again once I’m finished with WaniKani. Besides, why is it so much easier to think about the ones I hate? lol (jk I know the answer)
Ok, so far, I really like 休 (rest) because of the mnemonic for it: the leader resting under a tree. I picture my favorite character, who happens to be a leader, there. That mental picture also works for the reading, きゅう, because what would be cuter than my dear favorite character lying there, under that tree? u_u sighs
Also, there is something relaxing about it all


My favorite would be 咒, cause it reminds me of some mystical ancient rune. Also because of 神咒神威神楽, since I enjoy Masada’s work immensely (despite his overwhelmingly difficult prose).


海 is my favourite. I love everything that’s written as かい because I associate it with Dragonball. And I love One Piece, so うみ is really reasy to remember. On top of that it just looks really cool to me! So this dude here is my buddy :slight_smile:


That is exactly what came to my mind too! :thumbsup: