What are some good Kanji to know that aren’t taught in WK

Hey guys! I am pretty enthusiastic about racking up the kanji count. I mostly take new kanji I see from HelloTalk and add them to my Japanese dictionary app (literally called Japanese) and learn the kanji through their SRS. It’s not as robust as WK, but it is sufficient!

I want to get more kanji (and vocab) under my belt, preferably kanji that isn’t on WK that is worth knowing. Whatever that means. I am not particularly focused on studying for the JLPT or anything, so anything goes. If you awesome guys know of any resources to check out, please let me know :slight_smile:

And sorry if there is already a topic like this!

Thank you!

P.S. I’m not worried if something isn’t beyond my radical knowledge, I just want compile a lil’ data base of kanji to learn when I get there.


Maybe the most common kanji not taught on WK is 匂

Quite easy from a radical perspective too.

There are a few topics where people compiled lists for anki decks and whatnot.


叩 is another one of those that are pretty simple and common but not on here.

I made a thread about this too, and this was in one of the replies. You may find it helpful.

This too


Thank you so much for that list! It was super easy to slide that into my app. Thanks!

There are a few… off the top of my head:

Maybe I read weird stuff where things get crushed, but I think 潰 is pretty frequent…

Also 羨 in うらやましい = envious and 凄 in すごい = awesome.



I’m so sorry for my mnemonic on this one @koichi :frowning_face:


The only one I can think of right now that hasn’t been mentioned already would be 諦 which is used in the word 諦める which means “to give up”.


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