Kanji beyond WK

Is there a list available for Kanji in the 常用 list that are not covered by WK?

I understand that Japanese adults generally know an additional 1000 Kanji on top of the 常用 they have to learn at school. Are there any lists for most frequently occurring Kanji not on the list?

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There’s some lists on the wanikani stats page (which is pretty cool if you haven’t seen it)


(might not come up without a login - this might be the place to look for more info on the site [STATS] Statistics site)

(I’m actually not sure where the most up to date info on the stats site is, but In any case, here’s the list pasted from there)

(Joyo) Kanji Not On Wanikani
Grade 6
1/181 蚕
Grade 9
154/1130 曖 畏 萎 彙 壱 咽 淫 韻 畝 謁 怨 艶 旺 翁 臆 虞 苛 箇 瓦 楷 潰 諧 蓋 骸 柿 嚇 顎 葛 褐 釜 棺 玩 毀 畿 臼 嗅 僅 惧 窟 薫 詣 憬 稽 桁 繭 舷 股 錮 勾 侯 梗 乞 痕 墾 挫 采 塞 柵 刹 肢 恣 嗣 摯 賜 餌 璽 嫉 爵 腫 儒 羞 愁 遵 抄 宵 硝 詔 拭 薪 腎 裾 醒 斥 戚 煎 腺 詮 箋 膳 繕 塑 遡 曽 踪 唾 堆 但 綻 緻 逐 嫡 衷 嘲 勅 捗 朕 逓 溺 填 妬 痘 謄 頓 貪 弐 捻 罵 剥 氾 汎 斑 頒 肘 附 訃 賦 丙 蔽 餅 璧 倣 貌 頬 勃 昧 冥 麺 耗 冶 喩 瘍 窯 沃 拉 辣 濫 吏 慄 侶 厘 弄 楼 籠 麓


Most of kanji beyond jouyou that you’re talking about are in the jinmeiyou kanji list, which is a list of non-jouyou kanji that people can legally use in names. About a third of them are the old versions of jouyou kanji, for instance, I know a teacher with the last name 合樂 (ごうらく), with the old version of 楽. The other two thirds frequently appear in names, though some of them do get used in regular words as well. People are far more likely to be familiar with the kanji 藪 from knowing someone named 藪本 (やぶもと) or something, than they are to be regularly reading about thickets of plant life.


Thanks. Scanning through the list I feel I’ve definitely come across some of those reading. Some are like false friends in that they are similar to Kanji I do know so I feel I should know them.

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