Kanji-in-the-wild learning pattern (outside WaniKani)

Rather than creating more levels (as I did in another topic), I’ll explain how I do it here.

  • Extract Kanji via Dropbox - listKanji.htm - Simplify your life
  • Extract common vocab including ones with exceptional reading: Common words finder, containing desired Kanji
  • Remember all vocab, always reading first; via SRS system (Anki).
    • If such vocab does not exist in JJ dictionary, I delete/suspend the vocab. If I already know the vocab, I suspend the reading card.
  • Associate exactly 1 reading with the Kanji. Chose Kun or On only at first. Don’t try to overwork yourself.
  • Remember Kanji meaning in English. Now, try to recall more than one readings per Kanji (that is, both Kun and On.)
  • I may change reading_emphasis from Kun to On at this point as well. Emphasis may change.
  • Sometimes I have to add more vocab, as existed in 大辞泉, if it is required to remember Kanji meaning. (I am not greedy about remembering all Kanji readings, though.)
  • After I remember the Kanji meaning well, I attempt to hand-write.

So, in the end, what I tried to do is

  • Remember the Kanji meaning. Kanji meaning (not in English) I mostly use http://www.kanjipedia.jp, as of now.
  • Associate at least 1 reading with Kanji; could be either Kun or On. There can never be none. Don’t have to remember all.
  • When you see the Kanji, you have to recall some vocab.
  • Try to write by hand.

This is quite troublesome when trying to remember Jinmeiyo Kanji (Kanji in names), though; for example, 澤, which there is no associated word. Well, it’s an archaic form of 沢.


In addition, it is possible to replicate WaniKani experience to some extent.

For Anki, Anki+WaniKani 2.0 and [Anki] Tutorials

Amongst the most important settings, I would say 4-hour interval and 8-hour interval.

Outside Anki, the best replicate is probably Houhou 1.2 - Dictionary and SRS application for Windows. There, you can burn vocab with 4-month interval.

In the future, there might be Kaniwani 2.0! (LEAKED VIDEO) . See also, Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!


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