What advice/resources would you give yourself at level 10?

I just finished level 10 and would love some more ways to learn or even some tips/tricks you’ve picked up.

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To start on one of the Core Anki decks and roll with that instead.


I should take my own advice, but…

I have a Satori Reader subscription - and I have linked it to WK so that the kanji that I ‘know’ will be shown without furigana.

Now what I need to do is discipline myself to ‘read every day’, instead of once a month (!).



And learn some grammar.


Torii SRS has top 10,000 words with audio and audio sentence

Kame Same, reverse of wanikani substantially helps recall.

Takoboto jisho. Has example sentences too, lets you know if common or not.

https://jpdb.io/ has anime, Visual novel, book, manga word lists and SRS as well… extremely useful. Example sentences on words too, I use in tandem with takaboto.

Anime, watch it and if you hear words, i usually pause, look up in the jisho, and save to favorites to study later. I check first if its in wani kani first, and how many levels away.


Learn some grammar, after finishing Genki I and Genki II (if you’re using those) start reading. Read all text in those textbooks (or the one of your choice, if any) and then dive into native content. Learn Natively is an awesome resource to find out if that manga/light novel is easy enough for a beginner.

The journey won’t be easy, but will set you up for success in the long run.

Good luck and have fun!


I answered this question for myself in this thread.


Although difficult to say in retrospect, I guess that would be, bite the bullet to read, and start mining for vocabularies, grammar, or even Kanji.

Nonetheless, not so few grammar points would also be required; but that would also need to be challenged in practical contexts.


Basically everything I already said and shared in my level 60 thread. Then again, a lot of these were lessons that I had to learn on my own over time, and you can’t really skip the “time” part of learning, so I don’t know what my level 10 self would have done with all of that, besides maybe feel a bit overwhelmed, haha.

For me personally, there’s nothing I would have done differently besides start learning Japanese earlier than I did.


I would advise a level 10 user to get into reading and grammar. If your goal is communication in Japanese, then I would also recommend places where you can practice your production such as HelloTalk or Renshuu’s discord.

For reading and grammar, I want to second Satori Reader, I wish I had used it instead of not reading at all. For some great beginner texts, I recommend drdru.github.io and also graded readers like this one that I found on natively.

For grammar, personally, I liked these youtube channels.

Although If I could give myself advice, I would advise myself to not renew my subscription and instead to stop using WK as a crutch and get into reading with the help of the forum’s book clubs, read everyday challenges, and to join the renshuu discord so I could have figured out how to use it sooner.


the first one (Japanese Basics) is so 90’s :rofl:


It is, and maybe it’s because I live deep in the inaka, but it’s been stuff that’s all useful to my life lmao.

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Level 10 the first time?
Please do vocab and grammar study!

Level 10 the second time?
Keep reading and listening.


Is it cheating if I just link them an entire video?

  1. Learn the most common 2000 words asap.
  2. Race to lvl 30 asap.
  3. Find a good grammar deck with example sentences and preferably voiced. (N5-N3)
  4. Go hard on media, preferably content with japanese subs.
  5. Continue plowing through the 10k deck.
  6. Continue with N2-N1 grammar.
  7. Continue immersing.

Also consume other media and use yomichan as often as possible.

And read about others failures so you don’t fall into the same trap.


Im curious why you prefer words in a pre-made deck rather than learning the words most frequent in the content you consume?

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If words occur frequently during immersion that you don’t know you normally check them out anyway. The premade decks are for raising the baseline. Besides the common words will most likely appear in immersion eventually anyway, might aswell get to them sooner rather than later if your goal is something resembling fluency.


Plus it’s tricky to learn the words most frequent in the content you consume if that content doesn’t come as handy electronically analysable text. If that’s the case then “some kind of broad frequency order plus stuff you notice/need as you go along” is probably as close as you can conveniently get.


Do you have plans for the not common words that people generally know or is used in content you want to consume

EDIT: unless you are already done with the c10k? If so what are you doing now

Thank you everyone for your advice! I will try my best to do as many as I can and get serious now.