Level 10! Now what?!

Hey, folks! This is somewhat of a level-up brag and somewhat of a discussion post…

So I’ve reached level 10! With 303 guru’d Kanji and 813 vocab, I’m starting to recognize more and more kanji when looking at Japanese text! Super fun feeling, and I am eager to learn more.

The last 4 levels I did at full speed, which was a bit grueling but doable. I’ve decided to take level 10 as a slow-down level, and get all of my vocab guru’d before I even start Level 10 Radicals/Kanji. Currently sitting on 126 Apprentice level items, including all of the vocab I just unlocked.

I’m hoping that taking this level slow will make it a little easier to keep up. I intend to go back to full speed after this level, though (or close to it anyway). Perhaps I’ll continue to do a slow level every 5 or so levels?

Anyway, what fun things do folks recommend at level 10? I know it’s definitely time for me to get better with grammar, so I’m trying to make some time for reading through Tae Kim’s grammar guide a little more. What other things have people found useful or fun around level 10?




Now stop doing WK and start spending all your time one the forums


I thought that’s what you were supposed to do when you reached level 42.


Start learning grammar and begin reading.


One thing I recently found useful is that if you only use one paddle while kayaking that you can steer the kayak more easily. I used to use two but found that I tire quickly and it’s more difficult to steer in small quarters.

One thing I recently found fun is jump rope. I used to do this all the time while I was young but picked it back up a couple weeks ago and I can’t stop! I try to jump rope at least once a day. It’s good for your health and is super fun! This is one thing I found fun.


If you have some basic grammar down already, I’d also recommend trying to do some mild reading – things like NHK Easy News, easy manga, etc

The Absolute Beginner Book Club will be starting the しろくまカフェ manga soon (the 13th) if you’d like to join :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s also an ongoing よつばと! reading club, you can always check out the previous threads for questions that have already been asked and feel free to ask new ones whenever, or maybe check out the even the more recently started Picture Book Challenge thread to help you develop confidence in reading

But in the end pick something that suits your current level (i.e. comfortable enough but challenging) and that will also keep you interested, that’s always the best way to go – congrats on level 10, がんばってね!


Wrong! Start spending all your time on the POLL thread.


I’m a similar level and I’ve been reading an article of NHK Easy and reading a bit of Tae Kim every day…I can’t really comment on how effective it is, but I’ve been enjoying it. Last time I tried WaniKani I tried to swallow grammar textbooks and I honestly think that contributed to my burnout. Taking it nice and easy has been a lot more enjoyable.


Another +1 for NHK News Easy!

I like playing Pokemon in Japanese too

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You’re at the point at which you have enough kanji to do easy reading to reinforce grammar, and at the point at which more kanji won’t really help you read anything if you don’t know much grammar, so…

Time for a grammar deep-dive if you aren’t doing it already; combined with some easy reading (NHK easy, kids’ manga, etc.) since you probably have enough kanji to help reduce look-up time. Grammar should probably be your priority over WK at this point if you haven’t been steadily learning it alongside kanji.


Thanks for the replies, folks! I will keep reading Tae Kim and try some of the reading that has been recommended.

@paperbagchild What Pokemon games do you play in Japanese? And at what level did you start to feel comfortable doing so? One of my long-term goals is to be able to semi-comfortably read Japanese video games. There are a handful of Final Fantasy games that I never finished that I’d love to just play in Japanese once I get comfortable enough.

Best thing I did at low levels: Get a grammar foundation!
It helps you understanding the vocab way better, you can start to read way earlier, everything gets less frustrating.

As for me, I did simply summarize Tae Kims Guide, I recorded myself with Audacity (incl example sentances), threw them on my MP3 player (with JP music) and listend to it… thats all.
I took about 3 hours per grammar chapter to summarize and record it. Just an an info.
Basic and Essential grammar… are well basic and essential. Everything that comes after, is just bonus.

Why do I really love TKs Guide? Because it is short, it keeps things simple enough and it does not leave too much things out.

Cheers and have fun, @croosa
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I missed you while you were gone.

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So me and you?

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I believe Koichi usually recommends picking up a beginner Japanese Textbook such as Genki at around level 10 and level 20 since you can focus on the grammar and not be held back by some of the vocab.