What advice/resources would you give yourself at level 10?

Now is an excellent time to start immersion practice.

Read untranslated books. Buy untranslated manga off Book Walker. Play untranslated video games. Watch Japanese media with Japanese subtitles and/or none at all. Find a Japanese-language podcast (my favorite is Japanese with Noriko). Do as much of all of the above as you can get your hands on and have time to parse.

This will frustrate the crap out of you at first. You will feel like you’re not learning a thing. Every learner goes through that period. But this is a “the only way out is through” situation. There are certain gains that you can only get by closing off all of your brain’s easy ways out. That’s what it takes to get to a “cruising speed” where you’re reading Japanese comfortably and not needing a dictionary as often.

EDIT: The two main ways to practice are to stop and look up every word and to try to pick unknown words out from context. I do both, depending on my mood and the material. Try to intentionally not look up a few words here and there. That’ll get your brain knitting connections.