Week 2 😤 ロマンティック・キラ - Romantic Killer dicussion thread (Beginner Anime Club)

Welcome to week 2 of the Romantic Killer anime club !

We are watching this show as part of the Beginner Anime club.
What absurd romantic-like adventures await our heroine this week ? :smiley:

Romantic Killer

Week 2 Starting May 11th
Episodes 3 & 4
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Vocab sheet

Here is the vocab sheet (thanks to @milila). Don’t hesitate to add new words, following the rules on the sheet.

You might also want to use the scripts @milila exported on pdf for episodes 1-6

Discussion guidelines

This thread is here to comment on your impressions of this week’s episodes and to ask any question you have regarding the vocabulary or the understanding of them :blush:

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Will you be watching with us this week ?
  • I’m watching along
  • I’m planning to catch up later
  • I’ve finished these episodes
  • I’m watching after this club is finished
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I started the vocab sheet for episode 3, and will add episode 4 soon (unless someone beats me to it). I tried to be more systematic than I was for the previous episodes, so I hope it is useful for someone.

Update: Episode 4 vocab has been added.


Thanks a lot ! :pray:


How am I gonna transalate this?

General thoughts on episodes 3 and 4:

Not a lot to say about these episodes. Things seem to be going fairly predictably so far, as Anzu begins to gain a harem.

I like the interaction between Anzu and Tsukasa, but I don’t care that much about the new Tsukasa/Junta rivalry, or about the rival girl from Tsukasa’s class. I’m hoping they move past those conflicts and introduce some more new plot points soon.

I like Tsukasa’s oblivious friend Makoto.

Question: Episode 4, 10m39s:

What does たりい〜 mean? Is it a slangy contraction, like わるい→わりい?

Interesting new vocabulary:
  • 目の保養 – feast for one’s eyes
  • 拝啓 – Dear … (start of a letter)
  • 捏造 – fabrication; hoax
  • 良心 – conscience
  • やり込み – speedrun
  • 裸族 – nudists; people who go around naked or half-naked at home
  • 盗み聞き – eavesdropping

i tooke notes so thank bro xxx

Answer to mbrubeck

After listening to it several times, Jisho says that たりぃ is bothersome, troublesome, slang form of たるい which is tagged as an [old] reading of (だる)い on 10ten and an alternate reading on Jisho. I’ll go see if I can add this to the sheet.

My thoughts on Episode 3+4

I hope Riri is really an all powerful wizard. If those fake memories aren’t permanent and Anzu chose him then their relationship might fall apart if he realized he wasn’t the childhood friend. The bullying from other girls about living with the class favorite is something I’m really afraid of. Riri was able to barely save her this time, but that’s not going to work every time and they already don’t know how to tell when a man is telling them “no.”

Vocab: I find it interesting that 両親(りょうしん) and 良心(りょうしん) have the same reading. Funny coincidence or is this because parents are wise elders who know how to solve all life problems?


Watched episode 3 today. Some thoughts on the series so far:

  • Red headed characters are oftentimes stoic and intense, so it’s refreshing to see one being so silly all the time
  • Anzu’s voice sounded familiar, so I looked up her va, and she voiced Yuzuhira (purple haired ninja lady) in Hell’s Paradise last year
  • I love Anzu’s bed head and mismatched pajamas
  • What game do I need to play to get an evil lemon demon wizard sending hot guys my way?

I’ve watched the 2 episodes today and it was difficult to stop here. I love this anime ^^ (yes I think I will repeat that every week, sorry :yum:)

The scripts helped me a lot to extend my time watching in japanese without french subtitles, so thanks @milila :pray:

Impressions of the week
  • I just love Anzu’s personality. She’s faithful to her values, but also compassionate and willingful to admit her mistakes. That’s how I love my heroes and heroines (dry a tear on her cheek :smiling_face_with_tear:)
  • The whole situation about the childhood friend was really hilarious :laughing: Well, as an otome fan, I love to see how they exploit all the clichés I know too well. It’s delightful (and the childhood friend is one of my favorite trope btw^^)
  • So obviously, the word of this week was 幼なじみ i. e. childhood friend^^ In fact, I had a hard time spotting it :sweat_smile:
  • I like the seiyuu of Anzu but I know nothing about voice actresses. I know a lot more about voice actors and I’ve already crossed path with the seiyuu of Tsukasa and Junta as they are the voices of two characters of my favorite rhythm mobile game Ensemble Stars Music!! (but not only). Anyway, your comments make me feel like hearing again Anzu’s voice actress elsewhere.
Answers to @mbrubeck

I think that all these plots are prerequisite in high school otome games and are exploited here to play with the audience (and with poor Anzu :sweat_smile:). The main plot will always revolves around : will Anzu or Riri win the game ?

I like him a lot too. I’d like him to have a bigger role !

Episode 3 Thoughts
  • First of all the buff cat is gonna haunt me :cat:
  • I like how Anzu keeps acknowledging in her head that every situation is planned by Riri but she’s too nice not to help Tsukasa.
  • At the end I could feel it in my bones that when the doorbell went it was gonna be a new guy so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in ep 4
  • I love all her stuff being cat themed
  • The TENSION at the DOOR i was dying
Episode 4 Thoughts
  • New fave character is Kazuki’s friend I love his cluelesness but immediate acceptance of Anzu to sit with them
  • Junta seems nice so far
  • Human Riri is great
  • I’m glad Anzu stuck up for Kazuki right to the girls’ faces rather than half blow them off and pretend she’d set them up which is where I thought it was gonna go
  • I do feel bad about Junta having fake memories and a fake crush cause I don’t think Kazuki does they just happened to keep meeting, so I hope something happens with Junta in that regard

Thanks for the nice discussion of this week !
Thread for week 3 is now open^^