Week 5 😤 ロマンティック・キラ - Romantic Killer dicussion thread (Beginner Anime Club)

Welcome to week 5 of the Romantic Killer anime club !

We are watching this show as part of the Beginner Anime club.
What absurd romantic-like adventures await our heroine this week ? :smiley:

Romantic Killer

Week 5 Starting June 1st
Episodes 9 & 10
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Vocab sheet

Here is the vocab sheet (thanks to @milila). Don’t hesitate to add new words, following the rules on the sheet.

You might also want to use the scripts @milila exported on pdf for all episodes

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This thread is here to comment on your impressions of this week’s episodes and to ask any question you have regarding the vocabulary or the understanding of them :blush:

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Will you be watching with us this week ?
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The hardest part about watching this anime is not watching it one watch.
I Don’t think I can hold back anymore. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
anyways I found romantic killer reddit. It’s funny.
You can find The author’s fanservice and illustrations there.

Episode 9

What a twist for the Junta plot! I love it.

Quote of the week: 失恋しつれんおめでとう!

Question, Episode 9, 4:46

How would you translate 「おなかでも冷やした?」?

Question, Episode 9, 7:40

What idiom(s) did Anzu mangle by saying 「知らぬ⽳があったら 仏に⼊りたい 」?

Episode 9 4:46

Do you have a stomachache?

Episode 9 7:40

**My Transalation:**I want to dissappear into a hole and die.
I want to crawl under a rock of blissful ignorance

I don’t know if these are completely right

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Episode 10

I wasn’t expecting that Saki would be the first to propose to Anzu.


I’ve finished adding Ep. 9 and 10 vocab to the vocab sheet, including notes for things that might need some extra explanation.


That’s the translation they used for the subtitles, too. The literal meaning is “did you chill your stomach” of course, but since that doesn’t make sense, it had to be some idiomatic usage. I wanted to find out if there are more nuances to it, but found only pictures of people in pain holding their stomachs and unhelpful answers on language sites, so I guess it’s really as simple as that.

Re: Episode 9, 7:40

Aha! I found both of the idioms:

らぬがほとけ。(Ignorance is bliss.)

あながあったらはいりたい。(I wish I could crawl into a hole.)

So the English dub actually did a pretty good job with “I want to crawl under a rock of blissful ignorance.” The English subs are a bit more, um, creative: “I want to dig a hole and count eggs before they hatch.”

I’ve actually noticed throughout the series that the English dub stuck closer to the original text than the English sub. I would have expected the opposite, since the dubs have more competing constraints that could prevent them from using the most faithful translation (e.g., translated lines need to sound natural enough for the English voice cast to read, and also need to roughly match the timing of the animation).

Note that on Netflix, captions for the dub are listed as “English (CC)” while the English sub is listed as just “English.”

Episode 9
  • I feel so bad for Junta…
  • Thank you Anzu for putting that cheating tool in his place :clap:
Episode 10

After the sexual assault attempt I remembered that does the dog die exists, and it does include anime. I need to be better about checking it.


I’m sorry, since I’ve been sick, I can’t seem to catch up with my lateness. Also I can’t binge-watch the end because I really try to work on my listening on each episode. I hope I can catch up this week step by step and participate in the discussions :pray:

For now, I’ve created week 6’s thread which is the last one if I count correctly^^

Episode 9

Junta was a real childhood friend all along? Another point for Anzu being an oblivious protagonist.

So Riri wants love to be more important than video games, chocolate, and cats? I could never.

Ryuya is not someone I would pair with Anzu, but their classmates are a bit mean to him I think? I would be giving someone space if they just got rejected, not eavesdropping and then rubbing it in their face after…

Episode 10

Saki is my favorite character ever? She has the best response to “what’s your cup size” I’ve ever seen.

She even proposed to Anzu? They’re perfect for each other. I hope Riri will accept her as an option.