Week 4 😤 ロマンティック・キラ - Romantic Killer dicussion thread (Beginner Anime Club)

Welcome to week 4 of the Romantic Killer anime club !

We are watching this show as part of the Beginner Anime club.
What absurd romantic-like adventures await our heroine this week ? :smiley:

Romantic Killer

Week 4 Starting May 25th
Episodes 7 & 8
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Vocab sheet

Here is the vocab sheet (thanks to @milila). Don’t hesitate to add new words, following the rules on the sheet.

You might also want to use the scripts @milila exported on pdf for all episodes

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This thread is here to comment on your impressions of this week’s episodes and to ask any question you have regarding the vocabulary or the understanding of them :blush:

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Will you be watching with us this week ?
  • I’m watching along
  • I’m planning to catch up later
  • I’ve finished these episodes
  • I’m watching after this club is finished
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I may have watched ahead in English because I really wanted to see what else would happen but I’ve just rewatched these two episodes in Japanese :saluting_face:

Favourite moment pic

You can’t get better than a stoic person covered in kittens

Episodes thoughts

So new love interest, not a massive fan of him so far he could do with some emotional development more than the tsundereness.

Junta continues to be sweet though he wasn’t in it much, and Katsuki continues to be my favourite, its nice that he feels comfortable around Anzu.

His sister is very pretty :clap: I almost thought they’d add her as a love interest when Anzu said she’d fall for her instead but I thiiiink the sister is a bit older? idk what age

Riri and Anzu’s date was funny I like how Riri is constantly :> whilst Anzu screams at them. With Riri having internal debates about how romance works I think the show could go more into that so we understand Riri a bit better and why they’re obsessed with romance and specifically Anzu.

I watched with English subs but tried not to look at them unless I was lost. I was happy cause I understood some full sentences without looking hooray, and 魔法 popped out at me after learning it from Frieren so that was nice :smiley:

Overall, good episodes yeehaw

Daily dose Of me

The stand User could be anyone.
The stand user in question:

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I’ve added the scripts exported by @milila in the first post.
(They’re so useful, thanks ! :blush:)


I added an episode 7 page to the vocab sheet. Is anyone finding these vocab sheets useful?

Episode 7 thoughts

I loved Anzu repeatedly shooting down Hijiri. And I especially loved Hijiri being delightfully rude to his adoring customers in the コンビニ・マルト.


I find them useful. I’m afraid that watching with full Japanese subs is going to just be reading practice instead of listening practice, so I’m trying to watch once without subs and once in English after.

But having a vocab sheet isn’t as distracting as having full constant subs, so I can just look specifically for words I haven’t seen before.

Episode 8

Fake dating! What could go wrong?

I love that Anzu is so easy to bribe.

Also, this episode had a huge number of words (814 unique words according to jpdb), resulting in our longest vocab sheet yet. Next episode will be even wordier!

Episode 7

I’m not rooting for Hijiri. They’re completely on opposite pages. It’s also creepy to get someone to stalk a girl to find out what she likes. He would have to change too drastically to be someone Anzu could be friends with though.

But giving Anzu gifts she isn’t allowed to engage in would be ridiculous. It would be a much better setup for literally anyone else to give her chocolate, though I guess food is kind of ruined with her forced “diet.”

Episode 8

The opening made me think Riri wants Anzu to fall in love with a girl instead. But that doesn’t involve increasing Japan’s birth rates…

The fake date is a good way to show how Riri has no idea what humans are like. Practically admitting they don’t have empathy? I’m not sure you can stick to the “I grant wishes” idea if you’re taking away people’s happiness.

Episode 7
  • So Riri uses they/them pronouns
  • Do my ears deceive me…? Is that… Kenjiro Tsuda? :heart_eyes:

Sorry, I’m sick with a fever and I couldn’t watch properly the episodes of this week, read your comments nor answer to you.
Also I’m late in opening the new thread >< But it’s finally live !


Feel better soon!


I’m late but I wanted to read your thoughts and give mine on the episodes ^^
I want to say first that I’m totally delighted to see the tropes and cliché of otome keeping coming one after another^^ This my joy and my delight in this anime (this and Anzu’s personality of course)

Episode 7

So Hijiri is the “Prince” character, arrogant and tsundere. I like the character because he’s so absurd in his attitude, but I’m glad Anzu keeps rejecting him.

I loved this part too :joy:

Well spotted, thanks for sharing^^ When I checked and saw he was Nanami voice actor, I thought : “but of course !”

Episode 8

I loved the scene where the two girls help each other to make the rude man flee. Good work, girls !
It was so funny when Anzu told that the siblings might be a protected species :laughing:

What I liked most in this episode is the fake date with Riri. For once, they tried to talk a little and understand each other point of view. Of course, their thoughts are so different it’s impossible to find a compromise, but it was interesting to see another dynamic between them than the classic Anzu-grabs-the-sorcerer-and-throws-them-against-a-wall.