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Welcome to week 1 of the Romantic Killer anime club !

We are watching this show as part of the Beginner Anime club.

Romantic Killer

Week 1 Starting May 4th
Episodes 1 & 2
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Vocab sheet

Here is the vocab sheet (thanks to @milila). Don’t hesitate to add new words, following the rules on the sheet.

You might also want to use the scripts @milila exported on pdf for episodes 1-6

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This thread is here to comment on your impressions of this week’s episodes and to ask any question you have regarding the vocabulary or the understanding of them :grin:

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Will you be watching with us this week ?
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  • I’m planning to catch up later
  • I’ve finished these episodes
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Thank you to @araigoshi, @macalys, and @milila for helping to put this together! This will be my first time following along with a listening or reading club on this forum.

The title line of Episode 1 is perfect for a WaniKani club:


My translation: “For a magical setting, there sure are a lot of kanji!”

Interesting new words to me in E1 included:

  • 贅肉 (one of very few common words using 贅)
  • 成就 (uses the unusual go-on-yomi readings; possibly Buddhist in origin?)
  • 赤飯 (a celebratory Japanese tradition I hadn’t heard of)

Question: Does anyone know why 「G」 is slang for “cockroach” (Ep. 1, 21:21)?


少子化(しょうしか)問題(もんだい)対策(たいさく)事業(じぎょう)計画(けいかく)手引(てび)き。 (all of this is just about text on screen at Ep 1, 4:30)

I had to look up 少子化(しょうしか) but I’m happy I’ve at least seen all these kanji before. I think Main Character’s reaction was because it’s 11 kanji in a row, which was my first reaction too lol

I tried looking this up, and I think the tl;dr is just that cockroach is ゴキブリ so G is the first letter of ゴ and it’s slang to avoid saying cockroach for people who have an extreme phobia. Honestly relatable.


This has been on my watch list for a while! Some day I might figure out how to watch with Japanese subtitles, but for now English subs will suffice.


General comments on the show after watching the first two episodes:

  • The show leans really heavily on all the standard high school rom-com anime tropes, but at least it has fun doing it.

  • The ending theme is pretty entertaining.

  • リリ still reminds me of Topato Potato.

They had some fun with the instant noodle packages in episode 2.
  • The miso one is a pun, since 食ってみそ also means “go ahead and eat some”
  • The brand name やみつき means both ”addictive“ and “sickening.”
  • The shōyu one is just labeled やっぱ定番でしょうゆでしょ or “Yeah, it’s regular old shōyu I guess”

Netflix has Japanese subs for the show; see some discussion in the other thread if you don’t see Japanese listed in your subtitle menu.


I’ve watched the 2 episodes of the week, one third with japanese subtitles and the other two thirds with french subtitles. It’s my solution for getting used to watch anime with japanese subtitles, I hope it’ll work.

Thanks to those who found that there were japanese subtitles now on Netflix :pray: I’m sure they must have heard about our club and obliged us :yum:

About the anime, I still love it, maybe more than before :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
About the graphics I love how they mix horrible 3D models or soldier faces to the rest :grin:
And about the story, being an otome player, I love how they totally turn the typical romantic clichés over to make a hilarious comedy. I really can’t get enough of this (When the stick go through the door when Kazuki opens it to go out, I laughed so hard :laughing: Or when the father is transfered to the US whereas he’s a postman. This is so absurd :rofl:)
This is a pity there is only 4 manga volumes :smiling_face_with_tear:


That was the turning point for me to realize it wasn’t just a random storm. It was an intentional warning of “do not leave.”

The postman bit had me excited that I knew 郵便(ゆうびん) but also I was so excited that I had to tell my husband “wait this guy is part of some mailman exchange program? And he thinks it’s totally fine to leave his teen daughter alone while he just goes thousands of miles away? And he isn’t even leaving her the cat?


I love this Anime .
What I really liked the most about this Anime is her fluctauting voice.
I am trying to shadow her as much as possible. :scream_cat:
Also I have noticed 展開 used a lot to signify change, but the it is only at the end of the sentence which leads me to think it is almost a grammar.
Also Pretty New Vocabulary. :heart_eyes:
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The week 2 thread is open for business :smiley:


The same voice actress (高橋たかはし 李依りえ) voiced the main character in トモちゃんは女の子!(Tomo-chan Is a Girl!). If you like Anzu, you’ll probably like Tomo as well…


ok thank you lmao

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Watched episode 1! (Doing 2 tomorrow) Firstly I already like the main character because she’s voiced by the same VA as Hu tao from Genshin

Also I really like the design of Riri, a cricle with a hat and cape is perfection plus yellow and purple look so good together :yellow_circle: :mage:


ALRIGHT so I watched episode 2, briefly discussed it in my study log but it was a fun episode. So far I like how dramatic the main character is, I think it’s funny. And I like the guy already forgotten his name but I usually like the :expressionless: faced characters in anime anyway. Looking at the cover there’ll probably be different personalities in other appearing guys but that :expressionless: guy already got me :clap: ALSO when they were playing othello or renegade as I know it from clubhouse games, I thought it was funny she kept winning but I’d also like to know the secret to that because all I know about it is try get the corners. My win rate is pretty 50/50 :thinking: Aaaaand that’s all I can think of for now, looking forward to the next episodes


I watched the first episode. Everything was rather fast and I was rather overwhelmed that I couldn’t even think about pausing to look things up, because before that thought could even begin to process 50 other things had happened. That said, it was easier to follow along with than I expected, even if I’m not sure what exactly anyone was saying. :sweat_smile:


I just noticed this club had already started, so I watched the first 6 episodes this weekend. Still experimenting with different ways to watch to maximize training my listening comprehension. So far, it seems like the best method is to turn the subtitles off for awhile, then turning them back on and rewatch it to see what I missed (which, tbh, is a lot).


I watched the second episode. I’m definitely more reading the subtitles than understanding what I can hear, but I’m okay with that for now. One line I did understand by hearing it was 見せなくてもいい near the start when the subtitles went vertical and I lost them.