Vocab struggles

Struggling with getting down that vocab, recently just lvl twice in 9 days each, that’s also going to be my aim to continuously lvl up.

But is there another script to isolate a couple of vocab each to practice it more down.

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You might be looking for this?

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Hm, I still have the old one. But it really throws all vocab towards you even when you choose one level. with isolation i mean smaller focus like 20 - 10, to remember better and increase correct chance.

Oh I just see now that it is actually the same. This one I already use for a while now, mostly use it to warm up with kanji.

Maybe make an Anki deck? (Says someone who doesn’t know how to do this.)

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anki shmanki

I recommend using a script that identifies leeches then making physical index cards and studying those

That’s what I do anyway!

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Maybe something from Additional Filters would help. I don’t think there’s a filter for your exact case, but perhaps Related Items would work well enough.

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Are you saying:

  1. You are getting more than one level of vocab even when you select only one level?
  2. You are getting a whole level but you just want a handful from the selected level, like maybe 10-20 at a time?
  3. You are wanting to hand-select certain vocab to quiz?

If (1), post your configuration and I’ll see if I can point you to a change to make it work as expected.

If (2), use the Max Quiz Size in the Settings tab of the Self Quiz Settings.

If (3), @seanblue is correct, there isn’t a way to do that currently. I do have a test script somewhere that lets you enter a comma-separated list of items to quiz, though. Maybe I could dig it up.

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It would also be easy enough for someone to modify my script to add that feature. I’m not adding changes to my scripts personally, but I’d accept changes if they were well organized and narrowly scoped.

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2), yes. I havent learn my previous levels yet till 17 if iam right, because i know that will only build up. I need to get everything before that out of appreciate first. So I want to target 20 everytime with focus for example, till they out of appraciate and then contineu with the other 600.

I’m a bad coder, otherwise I would definitely add new features.

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