How to "STAR" certain kanji / vocab for additional review?

Is there a way to “mark” or “star” certain kanji / vocab for additional review? I keep missing the same troublesome kanji / vocab. The spaced repetition isn’t working on those, so I need to practice those more often.

Keep in mind that I love the WaniKani method, and I am moving up rapidly … already at Level 11 since October. I also like the concept of creating a story for both the meaning and the reading … some of my stories are hilarious.

However, some kanji resist stories … ditto the readings. So I need more repetition.

Any ideas?


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Aside from the regular SRS there’s not really any feature like that, but you could use something like the Self-Study Quiz script to test yourself on specific items and leeches, etc for additional practice and review:


To add, those items you keep getting wrong are called “leeches”. You can install another script in addition to Self Study that will let you specifically target those leeches.


If an item keeps coming and coming, you will eventually create better mnemonics or brute memorization.
You will see in next levels…

I strongly disagree with this. I still have kanji and vocab from the first 20 levels jumping back and forth between Apprentice, Guru, and Master. Sometimes things just don’t stick.


There must be another way around.
Realizations and coincidences are super effective again those leeches.

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