Wanikani level only Kanji practice?

Hey, I’m kinda losing my mind over here. So I’ve been looking for Anki decks, or even other applications that allow me to practice ONLY the Kanji - in my case level 1 to 6 - from WK.

Also I’d like to solely practice the un’ + kun’yomi readings(based on my wk level) tied to only the kanji instead of Kanji, and words using those kanji. I hate getting introduced to a reading, having to review it for a while and then get new readings as vocabs thrown at me.

I kinda get it and it may be easy/better for some people this way, but it just confuses the hell out of me bc i forget most of them constantly, since I’ll have to learn words, readings and meanings at the same time.

I could also just make it myself in anki i guess, but I’ve never used it and figured it would take ages.

Does something like that already exist? T_T I’ve been looking for a while now and at this point I’m just getting really frustrated with lessons/reviews x)

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This might be of help?


You could start with a deck like this and just manually select the kanji from the WK levels you’ve completed. You should also be able to edit the cards to show only the info you’re interested in (I saw some people complaining that the default cards were showing too much).

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In Wanikani, Self-Study Quiz or Reorder Omega.

In Anki, Item Inspector, but you will need a card template for somewhere else.


Hi, on Tangochou you can create decks from WK subjects, you can also filter by type (radicals, kanji, vocabulary) and level, so what you’re trying to do is easily doable with a few clicks.

Let me know how that works for you if you want to try it!

Update: I’ve also made the deck for you, you can import it from the button that is focused in the screenshot below.

Import Location

Download: https://www.file.io/ZgTb/download/7FVilz6Y9jVu


Thanks! I just tried it out and it seems like I’ll be able to utilize this according to my needs. Very easy to use as well.

I’ll start using it for a while to see if it helps me progress like I imagined!

Thanks a lot! <3

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