Is there a way to practice a subset of items?

I find verbs significantly harder to acquire and retain. Is there a filter or tool I can use to just pick out verbs and work on them?

Similarly, what if I just wanted to go back to a previous level and just brush up on the kanji?


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If you’re willing to setup a user script, there is the Self-Study Quiz that allows you to specify what you want to practice by any combination of type, WK level, and SRS level. It also includes audio only as one of the types of questions if you want to add that into the mix.

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Thank you. I looked at the link provided and couldn’t quite tell if “word type” was one of the selectable fields. Do you think this is the case? I’m not facile with that sort of thing but may try it if it’s the best tool.


I just looked and I don’t see anything for differentiating verbs. The available item types to choose from are Radicals, Kanji, Vocabulary, and Kana Vocabulary. So, the closest you could get is Vocabulary + Kana Vocabulary which would include verbs, nouns, etc.

I looked at the data returned by the WaniKani API and it doesn’t have any details as to what part of speech the vocab items are. That means it would require a lot of effort for anything to be able to differentiate since it would have to get that data from somewhere.

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