Self help scripts

I have installed the self-help script, but sadly there is no option that I can use to only pick the kanji for a specific level. Anyone knows an alternative or how to fix it?


Do you mean self-study script? If yes, then you can click on options, then go to items and select “Level” there. If you hover over it, it will give you some tips like putting +0 to have your current level, etc.

There are also additional filters that you can find useful here - [Userscript] WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters (Recent Lessons, Leech Training, Related Items, and more)


oh wait let me check

I type “0” to only see my current level, but it cant find anything.

It should be “+0” I think :thinking:

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oke it shows 56 kanji but, i dont really think lv16 has 56 kanji

It shows 56 because it counts both reading and meaning reviews separately. So it shows that you have 56/2=28 kanji. You can also disable not learned kanji in the settings if you want that


Of course, smart :sweat_smile: thanks.

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I’m lv16 but i have no vocab learned yet, so i doesn’t shows anything, do you know how I can go one level lower 15, I tried “-1…+0” but doesnt work only when I use 2 levels lower.

Let me copy the things written in the self-study script itself, I think it should answer all your potential questions^^ You can hover over the each section in the settings-items to see those


So “-1…+0” should be your current level (16) plus the one below (15)

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Do you guys know a better way to chuck down some vocubulary, because I really struggle with that now.
On a daily basis I have only 20 - 30 kanji which is very easy and I kind of remember it faster, but my vocab has build up towards 900. Maybe a script where I can also see the menmonics.

Are you abusing the reorder script? :thinking: Your vocab progress is at 18% and kanji is at 26%, so you should probably do like 20 vocab lessons a day if you’re not already doing that.

Also I don’t really understand what you mean by a script to see the mnemonics, are you talking about self strudy script? If yes, than I don’t think there is a script for the script xD

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Abusing, you mean that in a good way? Because I actually are going through the kanji section everyday before I hit the reviews.

No I’m not doing 20 lessons a day, why?

I mean abusing the reorder script to do kanji and not do vocab lessons on WK, not the self study quiz. Vocab is there for you to know kanji better and learn different readings for them. If you are indeed using reorder script (which it seems to be, because of your progression on profile), then I would advise stopping with kanji lessons and focusing on doing those vocab lessons.

How many lessons do you even have? Maybe I’m completely wrong here xD

Doing 20 lessons a day is just a fast pace to do WK, you can do less than that (more is probably not that beneficial)


I have 210 lessons open now. Yes I actually abusing the reorder script if a read so. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, you shouldn’t ignore vocab and just do the kanji, they are kinda meaningless without vocab xD So you maybe should turn off the reorder script for now to do lessons from lower levels, and do them at your own pace, like 20 or less a day, without any new kanji^^ Or use this script [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter, I think it might be better than reorder. You can also read this guide to see what I’m talking about /o/ - My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

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You I also have that feeling that all the vocab I know sits at the bottom while I’m stuck with the new one. I will try that script.

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Should I see any visual change, in my reviews?

wait, so do you have 900 or 210 lessons of vocab? Or is that 900 reviews of vocab? Either way, I’d just like to say that kanji by themselves are meaningless, they get meaning from the words they are used in so I’d argue that vocab is the most important thing to work on when ‘learning’ kanji.

Also try not to use the reordering for the reviews, only the lessons. Otherwise it may come back to bite you one day.

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210 lessons.
900 reviews / On a daily basis 20 - 30 of them are kanji.
Actually I use the reoder script to have a main focus on radicals, kanji and then finish off the vocab.
But the vocab has built up because of I kind of lost motivation, I need to chuck them down a little bit, but I have a hard time remembering them.