Visually similar kanji request

Being able to see Visually similar kanji is brilliant- I have just been floored by 句 and 可 and that straightened out my muddled brain. But it would be even better if the key kanji was pictured alongside its comparators, so you don’t need to keep flipping up and down to try to see what the differences are. Could this be added?


There are scrips letting you look through visually similar kanji, such as the Item Inspector. I suggest you install it and do some extra cramming.

While not being the same thing, it inevitably also plays into similarities, (i.e. the basis on a common radical) is the keisei-script. During lessons it will give you an overview of kanji that have similar or dissimilar readings with a specific radical as their basis. That’s also helpful in visualizing the differences.


To pile on @ekg 's suggestion of Item Inspector I want to point how this script would help.

  1. There are options to display the visually similar kanji in table elements for the kanji.

  2. If how know which kanji are similar and want to display them to see the differences you can use the search functions to display the kanji of interest.

Another script that may help you is the following


Thanks for fleshing out the details of the advice! :slight_smile: <3

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Would also recommend ConfusionGuesser script. Helps during reviews when you don’t even know what vocab/kanji it is that you’re getting mixed up.


Thanks for all the advice. Too be honest I haven’t successfully used scripts. I do wanikani on my ipad and it didn’t seem very straightforward when I looked into when I started.

I now have a newer ipad, so maybe worth trying again, since there seem to be many other advantages.

But I thought my suggestion would be helpful more broadly.


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