Ability to add our own 'Visually Similar Kanji'?

Hi! Just something that I found could help me and maybe some others. On the info pages of individual kanji, I think it would be helpful to add our own custom ‘visually similar kanji’, in the same way that we can add our own synonyms to them.

This is because while I am learning, I sometimes mix up two or three kanji that, to me, look very similar to each other. However, when I go into the page of the individual kanji, they are not listed there as visually similar (most recently I’m having trouble with 絡 and 結). Usually I just open the two separate pages, minimize them, and look at them side by side, but I think it would be really convenient to have the ability to make our own list of kanji that we frequently mix up on the page itself.

Just a suggestion! I can survive without it, but I feel like it would really help with people who, like me, struggle with mixing up kanji.


I guess a broader, “kanji that use the same radicals”, would be it.

Have you tried checking the radical page?

You can email them suggestions, I’ve done it several times. But I do agree that it would be nice to just be able to add your own.

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I really miss tomboy’s script. It had more similar kanji than what WK uses… they initially based their list off of hers, but then whittled it down… so many times I think something is similar and either it’s not one of 2 kanji listed, or there are no kanji listed as “visually similar”.

This kind of thing is pretty subjective, so your idea to be able to add them, like synonyms, is really great!


I use the Niai Similar Kanji script, it displays way more similar kanji, and you can also modify the list, remove ones that don’t look similar to you and add your own:


It’s not quite what you’re looking for but the Keisei Semantic Phonetic extension has a few extra similar kanji, but only when they use the same phonetic component.

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