Need visually similar kanji on Item Info page in reviews

As I find myself moving into the painful stage of WK levels, I desperately need a list of visually similar kanji on the Item Info page of the review process. I find myself more and more wanting the reinforce those kanji that I miss but am certain look like something else. There are only links to the radicals on that dropdown reveal. Either a link directly to the kanji page, or an embedded list of visual similar kanji would help enormously.

Orthogonally, it’s getting harder and harder to prune the apprentice list as items churn from guru 2 back to apprentice. I think at this stage about half my items are making this round trip before making it to master. I have fewer coming from master back to guru 1, but it’s discouraging none-the-less.


I also find the similar kanji feature lacking.
I use the app “kanji study” on android to work on them but its would be better if I did not had to leave wk.

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This might be what you’re looking for:



Yeah, although I’m reaching the point of script overload. This really does seem like something that should be native to WK. What I’d really like is these two panes added to the Item Info dropdown.

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This script will show you which kanji you could be mixing up while you’re doing reviews :slight_smile:

In this example the yellow box tells me I mixed up “Exploits” and “Spinning”. The yellow box makes it easier for me to examine the two kanji, so I can see how to tell them apart.


ConfusionGuesser is intriguing. I think I’ll have to give that one a sample workout.


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