Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

First, double-check that TamperMonkey itself is enabled. When on the WK dashboard, the TamperMonkey icon should be black instead of grayed out, and when you click it, it should say ‘Enabled’:


Most likely, this is all okay so far.

Next, open the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab), and post any errors you see there to the forums. The most likely case is that your browser’s privacy settings are locked down too tight (which is common for Firefox users), so you will see some errors about scripts not being loaded. If that turns out to be the case, let me know what browser you are using, and I can probably tell you what settings to adjust… or if you are comfortable easing the privacy settings own your own, you can do that. (There isn’t any actual privacy concern with any known scripts… it’s just that the privacy settings don’t allow scripts to save settings and data into the browser database, so they can’t do their job).

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Wow thank you so much for the assistance i am so unfamiliar with anything script related T.T
So I double checked on wanikani and the icon is black and tampermoney is enabled on the website. It says the open framework is on and active as well as the dashboard plus & the ultimate timeline, but there is no change on the website. I am using the most current version of google chrome. When i check the console messages via F12 on the wanikani page, this is the message i get:console error

wow ok i just opened wanikani for like the 5th time after redoing everything and now its just working hahaha. Not sure what happened but it looks like everything is operating as normal now! Thank you again for the quick and detailed help!! This is my first time commenting on any forum and i am very grateful that the community is so welcoming :sob: :heart:


Not sure if Im in the right place but is anyone having trouble with greasyfork? I just updated to Monterey 12.1 and suddenly Greasyfork isnt opening on any of my browsers (safari, chrome or brave) and I cant install any new scripts. No idea what has changed. Any suggestions?

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Does uninstalling and reinstalling Greasyfork work?


So I was just using the links to download userscripts. No app/extension downloaded for it. I think I figured it out though. Used a vpn and Greasyfork worked like a charm. No idea what happened that caused this hoenstly. Never had this issue before

Thank you for the help though!