Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

I’m assuming this still is not possible on iPad but thought I should check?

I’d like to install the reorder script but don’t want to take my laptop on an upcoming trip.

@Cathm2 I know it’s a bit late, but for iOS/iPadOS, Tsurukame has reordering options, and we are about to add more! Feel free to request what kind of options you would like to see.

Also, this is post 44, but it looks like 42 to everyone else, so maybe Koichi will be proud!

Thank you so much for this thread. Because of this I was able to install a script to see kanji stroke order, which is really exciting!

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Please note that you will have to pay for Tampermonkey… at least on Safari for the Mac. :confused:

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On Chrome for Windows it is free of charges.

It looks like it’s free for everything except safari 12+ on mac, which is really weird.

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久しぶり!I saw you posting around a little and I was like, “Ah, seeing rfindley around feels familiar and comforting.” Have redownloaded a lot of your scripts already : P


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or simply use “Tsurakame” :smiley:

How do add the script to iphone? Tampermonkey is sadly not available on iphone and ipad too i think

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, iOS only allows apps to use the built-in WebKit framework, so there isn’t support for browser extensions on any browser on iOS.

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Thank you for ending my wild goose chase. Very big thanks. I was getting really frustrated about scripts and stuff and it just confused me :relieved:

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Okay, apparently there is a new browser called Gear that supports Tampermonkey compatible userscripts. I haven’t tried it myself and am a little sceptical of it, but if you wanted to try it I’d love to know how it goes for you, requires a subscription though :pensive:


I see. Thanks, I’ll check it out some time when I get money again, since i spent it all on subscription (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Thank you very much for this thread! I managed to install some scripts on my computer! However, most of the time i use wanikani on my phone. How can I transport these scripts on the Google Chrome of my Phone (I have a Redmi)? Thank you very much!

Google Chrome for Android does not support browser extensions. For that, you would need a different browser like Kiwi. This browser allows to install Tampermonkey just like on Desktop browsers. Alternatively, you could use one of the third-party WaniKani apps. As far as I know, they already include the functionality of some of the more popular scripts, like overriding a wrong answer.


It worked!!! Thank you so so much!!

If someone has any problems getting tapermonkey working correctly, try violentmonkey in combination with kiwi.
A few month ago or so, tapermonkey just didn’t work right there, but maybe it’s fixed now. Anyways, just putting it out there in case anyone experiences this issue. :wink:

So it says to make edits for step 3 but what am i editing? Like am I supposed to type something in or do I just install the extension and make sure its on?