[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

Just to confirm, you want the bars to show only radicals and kanji?
Do you use the pop-up details? If so, do you prefer that it also removes the vocab?

This is so wonderful to see… a really good improvement to the bars.
I don’t really understand the buttons on the right (review count, item type…) they show nothing… but you can’t click them because the popup dissapears. Well, I didn’t spend that much time on it, but thanks a lot for this

If you click a bar, it locks the pop-up in place instead of just being hover-only.
Also, when you highlight a time range, the pop-up stays in place.

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Saddness. :frowning:

I want to use the new version, but it doesn’t work with Wanikani Breeze Dark at all…


It’s probably something that needs to be changed in the theme, though.

Edit: Okay, I played around with the theme script and I’m happy now.

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Nice update but I have an interesting bug. I have sooooome reviews and whenever I move the mouse upwards over the bar the popup moves downwards. If my mouse is at the bottom everything looks fine, but if I move the mouse to the top the popup is moved downwards, so much that it’s sometimes not even visible anymore.

Here an example:

I’m guessing that @rawo might mean what I’m here to report:

In the old version, there was an option to choose whether the little white arrows that mark “current level” reviews marked anything on the current level, or just radicals+kanji on the current level. I’m guessing quite a lot of people (myself included) used that to be advised of when “critical path for level up” reviews were going to come due.

The new version doesn’t have that option, making the little white arrows somewhat unhelpful for planning your reviews to ensure speedy level ups.

Could we have that option back? Or maybe even just make it the only behaviour, unless anyone can come up with a reason that “current level vocab” is noteworthy?


I pushed a fix for my UserStyle

Looks like only this script is affected so far.
I don’t see any significant changes in the DPP plugin, which also was updated it seems.


I also used that feature (white arrows only showing for radical+kanji current level) and am mourning its demise.

However, overall I’m liking the new timeline because the bars are thicker (because reviews are appearing every hour now instead of every 15 minutes). Also like the bar style “SRS level” although I don’t currently use it.

I’m sorry if this was already mentioned before, but the timeline is telling me that I have 1 review to do, which is incorrect. Actually, this one review corresponds to an item recently removed by the WK team. Maybe you don’t have the items’ database up to date? Is it something on my side?

I had this issue a few weeks back:

WK pushed out a fix for it soon after that worked for me:

Maybe they need to do that again?

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Another thing: I have the Bar Style set to “SRS level”. Is this the level where the item will move to considering I answer it correctly or is it the current SRS level the item is? Because I’ll be doing kanji currently in Apprentice IV in that hour and as you can see, there’s no pink in it (only purple).

If you’re having trouble with the new version, you can always downgrade:

There’s no guarantee that it will work forever though.

That was a bug with the old API since it should always hide these removed items (to match the old behavior). In the new API, it still includes these items but marks then as removed. So @rfindley has to check for that in the timeline or open framework.

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It’s the “Next SRS Level”.
Today, I am adding an option to choose “Current SRS Level” or “Next SRS Level”.

Plus, I’m fixing the problem with deleted WK items, adding a “Don’t Show Vocab” option, and a “Max Bar Width” option.


Appreciate the quick reply :slight_smile:

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Hello, I just installed the script but nothing happened. Could you help me? Here are some screens

I’m using firefox 60.0 btw. My user agent is 52.0 however but I don’t think it matters :thinking:

Edit : the problem seems to come from the open framework now that I think about it

If you haven’t already, check the instructions on [this thread].
The key is making sure the Open Framework runs first.

It does look you’ve got it running first, though it’s not set to the #1 position. So I’m not sure that’s the problem.

Try checking your Javascript console for errors (press F12 and click the Console tab).

How did I not think of checking the console :sweat_smile:
Here is the problem :
Failed to load element from « https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js ».
Failed to load element from « https://js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-1071.min.js ».

Edit : sorry it’s in french I’m translating

Those two errors are normal if you have an ad blocker.
So, it doesn’t seem like you have any console errors.

I see you’re using TamperMonkey, so that’s good.
What browser are you using?

(edit: By the way, Ultimate Timeline isn’t supposed to appear in the menu. It only appears on the Desktop)

Answered in my first post :wink: firefox 60.0 with 52.0 user agent (in case it matters even if I don’t believe so)