[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


Ah, great, got it working on my install. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, enjoying my 24 hour time + SRS level bars

One question: Is there a way on the latest version to change the width of the bars (how much time each bar represents)?


No, there’s no manual way. It auto-scales the number of hours per bar as you increase the time span.

If you want to experiment with it in the code, there’s a chart near the top of the script (around line 40). Each column represents a set of factors at one scale level. The ‘bundle_choices’ is what determines the number of hours per bar. Since the settings work together somewhat, a bad combination might produce some strange behavior. And it’s generally built to favor values like 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours, so there could be side effects if you choose something else.


Ahh. Would this support adding <1 hour sizes or would that break things?


Nope, I took out the 15-min interval support since reviews only show up on the hour nowadays. What is it you’re wanting to achieve?

You could just make the bars thinner if that’s what you’re wanting… like if you only want to show the next 12 hours or something, and the bars just look too fat at that scale.


Ahh, reviews only show up on the hour now? Good to know. I guess it doesn’t matter then.


I can get used to this new system it’s using now but personally I’m not a fan of how the bars look so fat now. Is there any way that you can allow us to adjust the width of the bars in a future update?


You mean without scaling to a larger time period?
Such that there’s a lot of blank space between the bars when you have it zoomed in to one or two days?

edit: I guess what I’m asking is: what time range do you have your timeline zoomed to?


So this is objectively worse than the previous version, reverting for now. Only reason I wanted this script was to show when current level rad+kanji show up, now I can’t do that.


I’m not sure I understand. It still has the current-level markers and the radicals/kanji/vocab breakdown.


7 days, I guess I just preferred the thin bars from the previous version, although maybe not that thin since sometimes it was hard to click on them to view the items.


quick feedback: it is bit non-intuitive that the color-sequence in the column (bottom-to-top rad-kanji-vocab) is the opposite of the color-sequence in the tooltip (top-to-bottom).
If you consider that bunchu are the bricks of kanji, which are the foundations or the words, then I would stick to a bottom-to-top figure.


(ps: i prefer the larger column width, personally - and i like the overall update)


Not sure if I missed something in your replies @rfindley , but after the update I can’t change it to display exact time for reviews when mousing over the bars. I like knowing when my reviews come in so I can plan them during my day. Do I have to revert to previous version or change in the code?


Are you looking for this “Today 11:00” in the screen-capture above?


There is no “exact time” anymore. The next batch of reviews always come online every hour, I suppose. Therefore the first time shown in the timeline after mouseover (eg. Today 12:00) is the time where the reviews will come in and you can use this to plan your day.

If I’m not right, please correct me.


(@antagonisten )

@Aragnos, you are correct. When the old version was developed, reviews could come up at 15-minute intervals. But Wanikani changed that quite a while ago, and reviews now only come up at the start of every hour. Before making any changes, I confirmed with Viet that this is always true. So, as long as you’re not zoomed to too big of a range, the timeline is showing you one bar for every hour, and the reviews in that bar are available at the start of the hour.

If you zoom out far enough in the timeline (say, about a week or so), it will start to combine multiple hours into one bar. If people don’t want it to do that, they can stay zoomed in to less than about 4 or 5 days.


The new version constantly shows me a review item that isn’t actually up for review, it doesn’t even seem to be in the WK database. Also, the word is 文句する so it was only appropriate to complain. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh… yes, I think I recognize that Item. It’s one that was removed from WK somewhat recently. That’s something I need to change in the Open Framework, because APIv2 includes deleted items, so I now have to check for them. I think this didn’t show up in testing because it was scheduled for a future burn review on the test account at the time WK deleted it.

Thanks for the bug report! I’ll work on that this evening.


I don’t want current level vocab to show. That ruins it.


Ah, didn’t see that the time interval changes when zooming in or out. Cheers.