Resolved Issue


Do you mean the scripts are not working as intended?

Anyway, reviews always happen at hours sharp.
You will never get a review at 3:12, it will be 3:00.

The indication on the website are rounded.
If the current time is 2:29, for instance, it will tell you as if it was 2:00
If it is 2:31, it will tell you as if it is 3:00

Edit: by the way, I do recommend you get the userscript posted by Borx to work, if you have the time. It’s pretty neat. (In particular it tells you when ALL the next reviews are going to happen, and which one are important for leveling up).

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Ohhh. I’d noticed that - I was starting to think that I’d just coincidentally done the last review right on the hour basically all the time.

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That’s the first one I installed. It doesn’t specify the time :weary:
Thanks though.

It does.


Hover the mouse over the bars on the graph.

Ah, sweet :star_struck: I never knew that! That makes things so much more convenient. Thank you so much!

I do. It just shows reviews that happened a day ago. It doesn’t even show the ones I did today or the time of the next.

It doesn’t show you past review sessions. It shows you your upcoming review sessions, what items are in them, when they’re going to happen, and whether they’re part of the current level or burn items.

Okay, I’m so confused. I emailed the developer a while back. Hopefully I can get this figured out.

Maybe the time on your computer is set wrong? The script is designed to show only the reviews available now and in the future. (Though there’s one person whose tablet is showing them a wrong timezone or something… which reminds me that I need to get back to them when I get a moment.)

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